Skateboarding's Near Misses

We're talking close calls and narrow escapes here. As we're all aware skateboarding is an inherently dangerous activity, and when you throw pedestrians, cyclists and cars into the equation it's obvious there's going to be a few incidents.

So rather than focus on when things go really bad, we thought we'd take a look at some near misses. Which, if we're being honest, can almost be as memorable as seeing some crazy trick go down.

It makes sense to start with one of the most memorable 'near misses'. The opening to Fred Gall's seminal Mosaic part sees him almost colliding with a car, after some prophetic advice from a kind old man.

Not the gnarliest but one of the funniest. This line from Dave Willis' Black Friday section ends with Dave oblivious to the cyclist crushing their balls on their handlebars, as Dave steezes off without a care in the world.

This clip of Tyshawn Jones at New York's Courthouse looks like it can only end badly. But Tyshawn manages to turn his body landing on his feet and walk away smiling.

Marius Syvanen is a very lucky boy, the speed wobble would have spelled disaster for a lot of us but he manages to cling on and ride it out, adding even more radness to an already gnarly trick. Stoked.

Frank Gerwer is a man known for his hill bombs. This one nearly takes a nasty turn as he's headed full pelt at a group of unwitting school children. Thankfully for all involved his frantic handwaving is enough to clear a path for him and the filmer to steam past.

Pedestrians are a regular hazard when out in the streets. Jack Kirk narrowly avoids cleaning out this lady as he stomps his Frontside Nollie 180.

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It's always risky when the spot you're skating has its run out into a road. Luckily for Patrick Melcher he manages to pull back in time and avoid the oncoming bus. This is why you should always have a mate acting as a human barricade.

Skitching is one of the more dangerous things you can do on a skateboard, a quick google search will tell you as much. Paul Tucci looks to end his line in style by hitching a ride on a passing bus, hitting a drain cover he fall inches from the wheel and certain serious injury.

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Luke Jones shot to internet notoriety after the footage of this bail surfaced. Similar to the Tyshawn Jones one earlier on, though Luke doesn't land on his feet, a wooden set of stairs miraculously break his fall allowing him to carry on skating rather than being carted off to Accident and Emergency.

Koki Loazia's Ollie over the subway tracks is without a doubt one of the gnarliest things to be done on a skateboard. Add that to the fact he bails onto the tracks and somehow avoids a 625 volt shock from the electrified third rail.

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This clip featuring Arto Saari is nowhere near the preceding examples in terms of danger, it is however impressive in showing the lengths people will go in order to protect their equipment. Not everyone is quite so lucky...