Jake Johnson BMX Edited

Given that Chris Cole dresses like a 14 year old BMXer, it's not really that strange to discover he likes to ride one too. Jake Johnson however... "My everyday life is often changing. On a good day, I take a bike ride (BMX), do some tricks, look for some new spots around my neighbourhood in San Francisco." (Cafe Creme Interview, Jan 2014).

Extra-curricular activities - from Jake Jonson's BMX stunts to Mike V's wrestling moves
Alex Olson Yoga

When he's not being one of the 25 Biggest Names in Menswear Right Now or slowing down Todd Terje tracks, Alex Olson likes to keep supple with a bit of yoga. Presumably so he can continue to pop kickflips like this:

Jed Anderson Shoot the Moon Clip a other video by kingpin

Jed Anderson rides a skateboard regular, a snowboard goofy and absolutely kills it on both. See his recent section in Lurk NYC's Strangers video for further evidence:

Here's Mike Vallely hitting people over the head with skateboard and throwing them onto thumb tacks. Real or fake you wouldn't really want to fuck with Mike V.

We all know the origins of skateboarding, so seeing Jay Adams surfing will be no surprise to anybody. Seeing Jay giving no fucks as he tackles this wave is worth everyone's time however.

Alex Olson Yoga

As well as being one of the pioneering street skaters Tom Knox also teaches Ju Jitsu to UFC fighters. No messing with Tom, whichever way you look at it.

When John Cardiel tries something he goes all in. Presumably why he owns his own bike company making frames and custom bikes.  We'll invoice you for the plug, John.

Alex Olson Yoga

Snakeboarding a other video by kingpin

Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet. But don't worry, Marc's ability on a real board more than makes up for it. Proof right here!