After hearing news that Ronnie Creager was starting his own board company, High School Dropout, we caught up with the man himself to ask a few questions about the new brand.

So, what have you been up to recently?

Just trying to manage life and figure out how to keep a roof over my head. I’m not making any money from my sponsors and that doesn’t afford me the luxury to be out skateboarding every day so I have to look at other options to make money.

It’s been tough going from being in the streets filming/skating everyday to being in the office doing sales. It’s a tough transition when all I want to do is ride my skateboard and learn something.

What was the inspiration to leave Blind to start your own company?

There wasn’t any inspiration. If anything it was the realization that I’ve been doing the wrong thing for a very long time. Long story short, the powers that be at Dwindle didn’t want me more involved with Blind and wouldn't help me get my own company started and off the ground. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any room for me outside the physical act of skateboarding there.

Where do you want to take the company in terms of aesthetics?

I’m just going to have fun with humorous graphics and do whatever comes out of my messed up head.

What wood will you be using and who will be distributing the product?

High School Dropout, Ronnie Creager Trilogy Deck.

The wood I use for High School Dropout will be from Bareback and PS Stix. Level Up will be the distributor for High School Dropout along with Etcetera Project and The Works. ( for more information)

Are there plans to form a team?

Yeah, I’m working on that now.

What's your take on the the wider skateboard industry at present?

The more people that are skateboarding and having fun is a good thing.

Who are you enjoying watching at the moment?

I enjoy watching all the pro skaters from the past and present. I’m a fan of it all. I’m going to check out Nick Tucker's Golden Hour section right after this… Ok I cheated and watched it right now. Hey Nick... Wow!

Will we be seeing some new footage from you in the near future?

Yep, and into the far future I hope.

We hope so too, thanks Ronnie.