<-------alt text here--------></p> <p>Pirkka Pollari - Slept On Txt: Valtteri Väkevä Photos: Antton Miettinen Portrait: Juho Huttunen</p> <p>Most of you probably remember Pirkka Pollari as that guy with funny wooden hat who had a part in Element’s Rise Up video. Well, that’s him, but there’s more you should probably know about him. You can’t talk about Pirkka without mentioning “Perus

<-------alt text here--------></p> <p>Pirkka’s free situation and small needs allow him to escape the Finnish winter every year to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Barcelona. His sponsors pay the flights there and the accommodation isn’t that expensive—especially when there are sometimes nine chumps sharing the 50 metre- squared one bedroom flat. 	Pirkka says he’s on the road approximately 5 months out of the year. Somehow he’s managed to keep a relationship going at the same time. 	“Well, I don’t ask her whether I can go or not. She knows that if I have to—and I will—then I’ll just go. Of course I’ll miss her, but one gets used to it

What’s nice about Pirkka is his communal awareness, his willingness to do voluntary work for the good of the skate community. He and his friends have recently started building concrete skatepark obstacles. One of the guys works for a construction company and he delivers the leftover concrete for their skatepark experiments. Last year they built a few curbs in the skatepark near Pirkka’s home and now they have started to build all sorts of banks there.

They could have picked some secret spot in the middle of nowhere but instead they are building the obstacles in a public park where everyone can enjoy them. That’s very kind of them.

“I met those guys in Barcelona. We were good friends immediately. They hadn’t been to Barcelona before so I showed them around and of course chose spots where I could film a trick or two. Then the team manager came to town, gave me some t-shirts and said that I'm on the team", Pirkka says. Pirkka’s background might be the explanation for his social skills. Due to his father’s work the family had to travel all over the world when Pirkka was young. “I was put in an international school. I learned English there. Back then it felt like I was taken away from my friends but nowadays I see it as a huge opportunity that I had". So that is the Pirkka experience: scene builder, dietary renaissance man, small- time video producer, international socialite and radness to burn. Get some if you can.