These are a few things i have learned along the way and am still trying to apply to my life as best i can.

1. Experience is the best teacher. If there is a plane ticket to be bought, buy it yourself. If there is a train ticket to carry, carry it yourself. If there is a plate to be washed, wash it yourself. Don't wait for anyone else to take up the responsabilities that fall upon you. You don't become an adult by suddenly reaching the age of 30, but by learning how to face any kind of situation without having to rely on someone else every five minutes. The world is composed of leaders and followers. And followers rarely win.

2. Don't blame anyone else. This goes hand in hand with what is written above. It is always easy to put the blame on whoever else is involved in whatever you might be doing. But most probably, you have been given a choice to be where you are and to be doing what you are doing. Sometimes things turn wrong and most generally it is noone's fault. Blaming people does not solve anything. Be a part of the solution instead of whining about the problem.

3. Remember what people do for you. You should never take anything for granted. If someone gives you a favour, however small a service it might be, he could also not have done it. Be thankful and ready to be useful to someone too. Don't ask what others can do for you, but what you can do for others. My apologies here to those who think i have forgotten, i haven't.

4. Learn from what you are told. Sometimes a piece of advice can sound like a harsh criticism, and it is always easier to take it bad and ignore it while thinking it comes from a prick, than to be humble about it and actually learn from it. Stay open to what people have to stay, because most likely, it is for your own good.

5. I am starving. Why is there never anything to eat in this God forsaken house?

6. Sorry, my mind got caught wandering for a second. Now where was I? Oh yes, i remember. Prepare some coffee, we are not quite done with this thing yet.

7. Always see the good side of things. Whatever the situation might be, and no matter how bad it sometimes appears, things could always be worse. Always. Time is precious, it flies faster than you realize, so don't waste it complaining; appreciate what you have instead of lamenting on what you don't have. Believe me, you have a hell of a lot more than the majority of the world's population. Take nothing for granted, to be able to walk and talk and hear alone are blessings everyone has not been given. I am not even talking about the luck you have to live in a rich country that is not constantly involved in a war.

8. Be humble. No matter how good you might be at something, keep in mind there are always people who are better than you. Be proud of what you achieve, but there sure is no need to feel superior to anyone else.

9. Be nice to everyone. Behave with others the way you would want them to behave with you. If you want everyone to be nice to you, be nice to everyone. Everyone is a potential good friend, and you sure never have too many of those.

10. Smile. It will make your day brighter, and since smiles, laughters -and more generally-speaking happiness- are contagious, it will make everyone else's day brighter too. Body language is the first form of communication, so start the conversation nicely.