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We Got Nyjah Huston to Respond to his Instagram Comments

Thanks for being a good sport Nyjah!

Intro: Daryl Mersom | Photos: via Monster

With nearly 2 million Instagram followers, Nyjah Huston is one of skateboarding’s most renowned Insta users (his follower count is double that of fellow Street Leaguers Shane O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez).

But with this fluorescent green limelight comes great responsibilities. It takes humility and control to give yourself repeatedly to the Pandora’s Box that is the Instagram comments section.

A cursory look reveals comments from obsessives, doe-eyed fans, trolls, and hardware enthusiasts:

@Tstuard: How often do you change your trucks? I know them grooves be the sweet spot @nyjah

@Shomaar: yo @nyjah when you gonna grow out your hair bro

@Clementsolomaka: @nyjah my question is: are you from the same factory of robot than @shanejoneill or @codymcentire?

@_raoul_duke: Does this man ever wear a shirt with sleeves? Regardless, he’s the best in the game. Just my opinion.

Inspired by these incisive and well-constructed comments, we decided to come up with a new format whereby Nyjah is given the opportunity to respond to some of the many comments he receives on a daily basis. Thankfully he took all of the comments in jest, and gave us a whole list of responses. Please excuse the spelling and grammar, or lack thereof, in what follows.

Nyjah meeting his fans IRL.

@greenfishhh: So dope brah. @nyjah I’m on my way out to Palm Springs skatepark and wearing my Nyjah socks. Hopefully your socks make me land tricks. Lol.

Nyjah: Yea, hopefully they do!

@skate_god2952: @nyjah Now nyjah were you jk about hitting your balls on the rail or did it really happened i couldn’t tell if you were joking or not haha

Nyjah: No, I definitely wasn’t joking. Yea it really happened, hurt like hell.

@amarco_polo: Where do you get all your shorts, like what brand are they? I’ve been looking for shorts like that everywhere and can’t find them.

Nyjah: They’re Nike.

“I hate scooters. I advise every kid that rides one to pick up a board instead”

@elkurtooo: Loosen up your trucks sus guy

Nyjah: Haha, my trucks have actually gotten looser over the last couple of years. When I was younger my trucks used to be tight as shit, but they’ve loosened up a bit.   

@_drewkweder_: Do u like scooters

Nyjah: No, I hate scooters. I advise every kid that rides one to pick up a board instead.

@liamgottlick18 Yo broke my elbow today trying to drop in from 10 ft. Advice bro?

Nyjah: Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. Actually when I was really young I tried dropping in from a 13-foot vert ramp and split my chin open, so I had a similar situation there but just get back up and go for it. You’ll get it next time!

Lonely at the top?

@_connor_bryant Yo I fucking love u dude I want to skate like u @nyjah do u ever come to Long Island

Nyjah: Yo thanks dude, I appreciate it. I don’t think I’ve ever been there but hopefully I’ll come out soon.

@khalat2hood: yo lemme see a flip front lip in your next vid don’t think I’ve ever seen you do that actually lol

Nyjah: Maybe I’ll do a kickflip front lip; I’ve been doing those.

“Honestly, every single time I post a photo, you can scroll down and see something crazy, it never fails”

@levtherider: He’s part of the illuminati, he sold his soul

Nyjah: *crying laughing emoji*

@lawrencewithaw: Cause that’s what kids in Ethiopia need… ramps…

Nyjah: We were able to repair broken clean water wells on that trip to Ethiopia and give thousands of people access to clean water for the first time in their lives. But kids should just be able to have fun too. Endurance, dedication and picking myself up after failing… all that I learned from skating and it was rad to be able to build them their first ramp and see those little kids get so hyped like that.   

@gabesalinas15: Nyjah u should of gotten 1place but u guys both deserve it

Nyjah: Nah, Shane deserved it. He did some gnarly stuff out there. We will get out there this year!

Thanks for being a good sport Nyjah!


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