Shine On Nikos Molochtos from Kingpin Issue 53, May 2008

Age: 16 Resides in Athens Rides for: Propaganda Rollin co., through distributions for VANS, Nixon, Eastpak, New Era, Von Zipper and Billabong Text: Theoharis Kazantzidis Photos: Deeli

When I first met Nikos he was fourteen. Since I had never met him before he was introduced to me, as the “cousin" of one of the skaters in our team, who was supposed to be looking after him during Easter school vacation. That way he actually cheated his way on the tour bus that was about to head off that same day for a seven day trip around Greece.

The thing is that on that same day Nikos proved his place on the bus and made his presence so pleasant and promising that ever since then he has a reserved seat waiting for him every time.

His level of skateboarding in the last two years has progressed in such a way that “his name is on the lips of every Greek skater" (Flipside magazine.)

Nikos comes from the west part of Athens and like with most children, football was his number one activity.

School doesn’t rank very high on his agenda and although he disappoints his mum sometimes his skateboarding skills let him get away with it. Within a short period of time Nikos has turned into a rolling beast. If he sees a spot which he likes to skate, his face will suddenly go from grumpy to happy. This will last until he hammers the spot down!

2008 is gearing up to be Nikos’s year since he is now rocking his new signature deck on Propaganda Rollin co., making him the second Greek pro skater.