Nick's "Lost and Found" section is a classic example of his skating and interpretation of spots. The section starts with a simple line at Southbank, a spot where Nick has become a patron of and sets of the tone for the mostly London heavy section. The Travis track is also a great compliment to the section.

Don't let the title fool you, this Lakai commercial from 2010 is basically a full video part. Exceeding the standard for online web-clips/commercials, Nick skates around the streets of London in all seasons. Tricks at St Paul's, skating an ice block and great lines make this one a sure-fire winner for pre-session inspiration.

"Make Friends With The Colour Blue" was sadly Blueprint's last full length video before the team departed and the company was sold to investors across the pond. I remember reading in an interview that Jensen pays especial attention to the cohesiveness of the terrain he is skating and how this is portrayed and fits together in the part. For example there are a few lines at the ledges at parliament and a collection of tricks involving curbs, all grouped together they highlight a thought-process. This is one of his best sections and of a ridiculously high standard.

Phil Evans' video "The Scrum Tilly Lush" is a modern classic. All shot in super 8 film, the emotive and different approach to filming skating gives a feel of part skate video, part documentary to it. Evans says of Nick's section: "Filmed on location in London over one weekend to give a more tangible and relatable final result to show how Nick really skates." Skating spots that he has conquered before and new ones too, this is a great introduction to the artistic interpretation Nick has on skating in London. If you haven't watched "The Scrum Tilly Lush" before check it out here, for sections from Soy Panday, Wieger Van Wageningen, Ben Raemers and many more.

The section is his shared one with Danny Brady from Lakai's game changing "Fully Flared". Filmed mostly in London with a couple of clips from Milan and Europe, this short but sweet part puts a British stamp in the American video. Jensen has one of the best switch nosegrinds around and demonstrates his ability in various forms here.