When Antiz dropped a teaser announcing the completion of their new video, I think it caught most people by surprise; its title 'Out Of The Blue' is just right.We had a watch and were, well, stoked to say the least.

Coming in at roughly 20 minutes, filmer Ludovic Azemar has put together Antiz skating at its best. So as another surprise we are now releasing the video on Kingpin over the next two weeks.

Out Of The Blue features half of the Antiz guys having full sections, while the rest of the team will follow in its sequel.

Michel "Murl" Mahringer’s part is next on the menu… A1 quality hoboism, also to witness in a little documentary to seen at select occasions, possibly here. But for now, loosen up and enjoy some Murl skating right here, right now…

…also make sure to catch Gabeeb and Dominik’s parts in case you missed them!