This won't be news to anyone who knows the slightest bit about skateboarding: Mark Frölich can't be stopped! This man's drive is a force to be reckoned with. Out on a banger hunt all day, everyday. Alone with just a filmer or with his mates, Mark's thirst for bangers seems insatiable, making him one of the hardest working skaters out there with noumerous epic parts telling war stories and only few able to follow.

This time Mark surprised his mates at Lousy Livin with another part ready and in the bag, all good to go: Mark Frölich in a Lousy Scuffle!

Lousy Livin presents Mark Frölich in a " Lousy Scuffle"

filmed by : Johannes Burgstaller, Dennis Ludwig, Thomas Pfeiffer, Dominik "Mosher " Peters, Lucas Fiederling, Stephan Zanhette, Dani Millan, Daniel Suarez Orsi, Nico Cook, Pascal de Stena & Patrick Lindenberger.

Edited by: Mark Frölich