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Lucas Puig did this in 4 days.

Hi Lucas. What’s up? We good to get this interview done?

Easy, easy. Sure! I was in the shower when you called.

Right. Earlier on I heard the message on your answering machine. It’s from Wiseguys, right?

Wiseguys, yeah.

You like that movie?

Yeah, it’s wicked!

Do you see a link between the Wiseguys, and the French Connection then?

Hmmm… I don’t know. I just love those kinda movies. I still haven’t seen The French Connection though.

The movie? It’s an old French gangster flick. I’ve seen it but I think I prefer Wiseguys.

I just love the way that movie starts…

What, that’s how you felt about skating? Like, the first time you saw it, you just knew that skateboarding was going to be your life..?

That’s right! (Laughter)

Where are you at the moment?

I’m in Toulouse. I just got home from Lyon.

You travelling a lot these days?

No, not too much. I’ve just been real busy getting my last tricks filmed for the Lakai video, and Ben (Deberdt) was over to get the photos done. But I’ll be going to Australia in February with Cliché. That’s pretty cool.

Are you ready to go on another Gypsy tour?

Ahhh! I dunno.. It all depends on the destination because in the summer it can get really hot. We were in Corsica, you know?

Was it really as hard as the video made it out to be?

Nah, it was alright… It just sucked for a few things, but once we got to Sardinia everyone got to relax.

I see… When do you feel under pressure?

Well… When people want you to shoot photos or film stuff and you have nothing new or no ideas of what to do. That’s when I get stressed.

So, how often do you feel under pressure?

Honestly, hardly ever.

What do you do off your board?

I chill. I try and hang out with people who have nothing to do with skateboarding just to talk about something else for a change.

Do you still see all your school mates?

Exactly! Those are the guys I like to hang out with when I’m not skating.

Did you convert any of them into skaters?

No way! (laughter) They couldn’t care less about skating!

But do they realise that skateboarding has let you travel the world and stuff?

Well, they don’t really understand how such a thing could happen. (laughter)

They don’t get which trade you chose at the workshop?

Exactly! (laughter)

Who has given you the best advice throughout your career?

Gégé (Jeremie Daclin), Guy Dauriac… All the Cliché guys, Al (Boglio), Gégé. They’re a good base, but then people always want to give a bit of extra advice along the way.

You and JJ (Rousseau) both live in Toulouse. Have you ever lived together?

No, no, no.

Why? Wouldn’t it work between you two?

We’re cool, but we see each other so much already. Imagine if we toured together, lived together, and skated together…? It’s would be too much.

I know you’re probably fed up already, but I’ve got to ask you a few questions about the Lakai video. What can we expect?

I don’t know… (Laughter) It’s gonna be bad!

Have the Lakai guys been specific about what they wanted you to film?

Yeah. They want us to film tricks at home, in Europe. There’s no point in getting footage of us in the States.

Keep it homegrown?

That’s right.

Have you skated much with Guy (Mariano)?

Yeah, a bit in Milan.

Were you tripping out?

Well yeah, like anyone would. But after five minutes you forget who he is and just get on with it. He’s just a normal guy, you know? You can talk about shoes, chicks, whatever with him.

Who influenced you when you started skating?

I was really into Mariano, Keenan (Milton), Gino (Ianucci)… All those guys.

The Golden Era of the mid-90’s, then?

Right on!

And today?

It’s still the same guys! (Laughter)

One last question: Did video kill the skate star? In other words, has the over-abundance of videos killed the true essence of just going skating and having fun?

Sure! But I don’t know because watching videos can be cool sometimes too, when it gets you hyped. But it’s true that today you realise that there are kids all over the place ripping it up. It gets a bit much at times!

So, what are you going to do now?

Well, I just got back from Lyon where I was filming like mad, so now I’m home I’m gonna chill! Have a good Sunday dinner and watch the Christmas tree!


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