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Love Eneroth Interview

KP65-Interview: Love Eneroth
Interviewed by Deeli
Front page kickflip shot by Nils Svensson

Loving it. Ph: Deeli

Love will tear you apart. Love’s physiotherapist told me he never treated a stronger body than little Eneroth’s.
Love will tear Love apart. Love seems too strong for his own body and thus gets injured on the makes instead of the slams.
Love will tear you a video part. When in production mode, “Wheelie Wonka” always gets what he has planned for.
Love will tear days apart. When everybody is packed and ready to rip, he starts his 45 minute stretching session.
Love will tear U.S. apart. Well, he would if he could make the flight without contracting at least five muscular disorders.
– Martin Karlsson

Crail. Ph: Sem

How long has it been since you moved back to Sweden?
In April it’ll be three years. I moved back on the first of April, the same day we had the premiere for the Neighbours video.

Was there a specific reason for returning?
Yeah, there was actually! How deep should I go into this…?

You’re on tape, so you decide!
Well, I really liked it in Barcelona, but then I got hurt and didn’t really do much, which was really boring. Basically what I felt after a while was that I just gotta do something, take control of my life. So I just decided that OK, I’m gonna go back. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to learn something, maybe go to school or whatever. And when I did come back that’s when we started talking about doing something like Bellows. I went to school for one semester. I wanted to learn stuff like computers…

When you say computers, you mean programming or…
…no no, more like Illustrator. I’ve always been drawing and stuff like that, but when I got hurt in Spain, that’s when I started to paint, because I didn’t really have anything to do. Then I made those graphics for Antiz that came out a little later and I felt like that was a good thing to do, something that made me feel good. But the thing was that I could put stuff on paper, but I couldn’t do it on a computer, so I wanted to learn that. So I took a course, but actually it wasn’t even the right one! (haha) I wanted to do something short, like an intense course, but I couldn’t find one for Illustrator. Plus I wanted to take a free course. In Sweden, you can take out a loan and study with that, but I already have a loan, so I didn’t want to do that again, so instead of Illustrator, I took a course for InDesign, which was free! (haha) That’s a layout program and the course had some basics in Photoshop, so I thought OK fuck it, I’ll take that. I just wanted to do something, basically, get into a routine.


It kind of sounds like maybe in Spain there was the skating, but being hurt and not having that, there wasn’t that much else for you there?
Yeah, it was like that a bit. I mean I had friends and stuff in Spain, but they were all skating every day. Plus when you’re living in another country, you’re sort of not part of the system or whatever, like if you want to take a course or something. I guess you could, but it just didn’t seem like a good place for me to be right then. And it turned out well, so I’m glad I came back.

Fakie ollie sw nosegrind. Ph: Sem
Backside Ollie. Ph: Deeli

When you were hurt, what was it?
I had a back injury a few years ago, which caused…it took like six months to recover from it, when if I’d gotten the right help straight away it would have been fixed like that! [snaps his fingers] That’s what happened when I got back to Stockholm. Basically there are all these different muscles in your back, and my injury made me start using the wrong muscles for certain movements. So even though I felt like I was getting better, every other month or so the problem would come back again. But then this physiotherapist told me what the problem was and showed me what exercises to do to get better and it’s fine now.

How did you get injured in the first place?
We went to Italy, to Sardignia, on this Neighbours trip and it was really cold. The house had no insulation and we didn’t have warm water, so it was really hard to get warm. In the day it was fine when the sun was out, but as soon as it went out it got cold again. We’d skate all day and you’d be sweating and then it was freezing at night. So one day something just clicked in my back and that was pretty much it. Like I just pulled a muscle in my back and it never went away, it got inflamed or something. The chiropractors in Spain kept telling me One week and it’ll be fine, next week it’ll all be good, and I believed it. But it was just so many weeks. I suppose if I had gone to a proper physiotherapy it would have been good pretty fast, but I couldn’t find one.

Seems like that one injury changed quite a lot of things for you.
Yeah a little bit.

I mean it was sort of behind you moving back to Sweden, which started a lot of things.
Yeah, I guess.

Do you think it changed the way you skate at all?
It did for a while. I mean in the beginning when I started skating again I was really scared that it would come back again. Now I feel good again, but yeah, it effected me at the time.

Around that time you started Bellows as well, right? How did that happen?
I don’t know I mean I just felt like I wanted to be more involved. Everything was good with Antiz, there was no problem there or anything. Maybe it was just about having a creative outlet, I guess you could say. Something to do. So I started talking to Martin [Karlsson] and Johann [Florell] to see what they were thinking and if we’re all sort of on the same page and then we just thought fuck it, let’s do something. And we just did it. (haha)

Blunt slide to gap to sw manual. Seq: Deeli
No comply fakie manual. Se: Deeli

Is Martin an old friend of yours?
Yeah, we’re not from the same town, but I’ve known him for a long time. You know, the skate scene: everyone knows everyone.

But the idea for Bellows wasn’t something that you had been thinking about for years?
Well not years and years, but I was already thinking about it in Spain. I knew I wanted to do something in the skateboarding…thing, you know. But I didn’t know what that would be. Bellows sort of came together from talking to Martin and Johan.

How do you share the responsibilities of running the company?
Well, I’m taking care of the graphics part for example. But I mean I don’t do every series, we’ve had guest artists too. Martin is really good with words and he always has funny ideas for ads, so he does that. I think we compliment each other really good there.

Who does the sales?
It’s none of us actually, because we’re really bad at business side of things. It’s under the Swedish Skate Distribution, so there’s a sales rep there. We get to do all the fun stuff! (haha)

Do you think that going from Antiz to Bellows had any effect on how you look at the skate game?
Nah, I can’t really say that it changed anything. I mean, since it’s your own thing it can get you a little bit more motivated maybe. I don’t know how to explain it, but I mean you want it to do well, so you want to give it all you can. Maybe it has boosted my motivation. For sure it has, actually.

You seem like one of the healthiest men alive. Do you think the injury had anything to do with that?
Not really, no. And I don’t know if I am that healthy really. Am I? I didn’t drink for a while, so I think maybe people have the impression that I’m super healthy because of that, but I enjoy some wine every now and then now. And I really like that actually.

What about all the stretching and that?
That came with the injury for sure. But it’s also more like something that you just have to do when you get a little older, if you wanna keep skating. And I really want to. So it’s important to take care of your body, I guess.

I suppose a lot of people don’t want to admit that.
Yeah probably. Sure. But it’s not even so much just the stretching, it’s the whole exercise thing. My injury was basically caused by not having enough muscles in my back. I’m really thin, so…I wouldn’t say weak, but…(haha)

Oh go on, just say weak!
Haha! Skateboarding is hard on your body sometimes. If you don’t have the muscles for it, you’re going to get hurt. So I’m trying to avoid that. I don’t go to the gym or anything, I just do my exercises at home. The stretching is more so I don’t have to warm up as long!

Nose manual revert, switch nose manual fakie flip out. Seq: Benjamin
Nosepick. Ph: Robin Nilssen

What about the smoothies? You seem to have one or two from your blender every day.
Oh yeah, it’s been a while now actually. When I bought that blender I had one every day for I don’t know how long. A long time! Oh yeah, I was thinking about how you mentioned me being healthy and stuff, and another thing besides the smoothies maybe is the bread that I eat. I don’t really eat white bread like baguettes and stuff very often. I mean I do if I’m in Spain for example because that’s all you can find there, but at home I eat this dark, German looking bread. (haha) It has nothing to do really with me trying to be healthy, it’s more just what I like. I’ve had people say that to me, like Oh, you’re so healthy eating that bread, but that’s probably just because they don’t like that sort of bread and to them it’s like How can you eat that, you’re just trying to be healthy! But I really like it. Same with the smoothies and all that, I just like it, they taste good.

Yeah, I suppose that’s where my impression comes from as well, when I’m staying at yours and you start your day with a smoothie, dark bread and exercise. And then when you came and staid at mine, you guys cooked every evening, like good, proper food.
Yeah true. But that was probably more due to economic reasons than any health thing. I can see where you could get that idea about me, though, but I just like it better.

Do you miss Spain at all?
Yeah I do actually. I don’t know if I’d move back there to live, but I miss being there and I like going there. I went in December and that was really cool. It was only for 10 days, but that felt good. And I went to Mallorca the other week as well. Mallorca’s funny, it’s like it’s stuck in the 80’s and this time of year it’s a complete ghost town.

First time in Mallorca?
Yeah, for skating.
More >>

How long were you away from Sweden?
Almost five years. Not five years that I didn’t set foot here, I came back for the summer when it was too hot in Spain. Like in the middle of July you can’t do anything there. I spent one whole summer in Lyon and that was horrible. You couldn’t skate, you couldn’t swim, you’d have to drive like two hours to go to a lake. You couldn’t really do anything until like seven o’clock at night, cause it’s just too hot. It’s pretty funny actually, cause when I used to live here and people would come over and say oh, Swedish summer is the best, and I’d be like what’s so good about it, it’s not even that warm, it rains a lot. But then I realized that it’s so great exactly because it doesn’t get that warm.

What about the winters, have you gotten used to those yet?
Yeah it was pretty hard the first year, but now this winter for example has been perfect, cause I’ve been on some short trips and stuff. Plus we do little filming projects for the Bellows website, the Freeze Tried clips, so it’s like a fun little thing to work on. We go to the skate park before it opens, we get to borrow it between 12 and 2pm. That makes the winter go faster!

How’s the weather there right now?
It’s snowing right now! (haha) But it’s good, I like it.

Krooked up to fakie down. Ph: Deeli


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