Lizard King interview from issue 106.

Ph: Nikwen. Words: Vaughan.


What’s up Lizard?

Chilling fool, hangin’ with Dirty at the Bucks doing this interview! Some passion.


Your Knuckle Tattoos state Salt Lake you’re from there right? For those of us in Europe that have most likely never been there can you describe growing up Salt Lake?

Yup! BEST PLACE EVER!!!! Shit, it rules man: mountains, skateparks, lakes, homies – it’s the best!!

Don’t forget I got the best family ever! Momma Liz, Poppa Satan, Big Fish, And The Possum!


Can you give us an insight into your family background? Wasn’t your dad a pro motocross rider when he was younger??

Had fun!!! Got to ride motorcycles, bikes, skate, snowboard… whatever, it ruled!! My parents pretty much let me go do whatever, I was STOKED!

Yeah my dad rode for Honda he was and is a BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!


And when did skateboarding come into the equation, because you dabbled at snowboarding and motocross too right? Or was this all around the same time? What made you pick Skateboarding over everything else??

Skating just had the most passion! Motocross was never my thing, even though I love it and think its bad ass! I loved riding bikes; BMX, Mountain bikes. I still fuck with that shit, but not as much these days, I get hurt so much skating I pretty much just stick with that!


Who did you skate with growing up?

Oliver Buchannan, Tully Flynn, Shelby Menzel, Tyler Hamblin and a bunch more; we had a crew called Mutiny. People used to write ‘Muntiny = wanta be Grecos’ all over the place ‘cause we wore tight clothes, it was fucking funny shit!


Backside flip.


So at what point in your life did the persona of the Lizard King come about?

My friend Tully Flynn called me lizard king when I was 16; I was at a skate park and didn’t even know him, I was just hyped he talked to me – and stoked he gave me a nickname right off the bat! LOVE THAT DUDE TO THIS DAY THANKS TULLY!


So you left Salt Lake and found yourself in L.A right? Do you make this move by yourself? And did you make a beeline straight for L.A or did you stop and stay in other places along the way for a while?

Yeah, I had to leave, I wanted to skate everyday in the Cali sun man! I had met the Hellrose homies hit up DJ and asked where he lived, hitched a ride and knocked on his door and said, ‘I’m here can I stay?’ Thankfully he said yes! The rest is history.


What’s Greenroom?

My gang. It rules! GREENROOM OR DIE BITCH!

I guess people out there are always curious of your love for Satan, but this isn’t actually a religious thing that you act upon is it?

It’s my shit, everybody’s got there thing; that’s mine! I think Satan’s RAD!


Do you think that kids relate to your more malfunctional approach to life and skateboarding rather than the more clean living, pearly white skateboarders out there?

I think they can just tell I’m having as much fun as possible! That’s what every body wants, that and [that] I don’ give a fuck about shit really – besides RIPPING IN LIFE! So yeah I think that’s why!




Your approach to a spot, from what I see, is that you veer towards the more awkward/different way to skate it, where does this approach come from? Is it a natural part of your personality drawing you to the weird shit?

It’s just more fun to think outside the box and, yes, I’m a weirdo, so I think that helps too! I like skating different from everybody else it’s FUN!!!


Over the last year or two you’ve been hurt quite a bit, right? Was your decision to become sober effected by this? Or was it two separate things entirely for you?

Partying is easy, skating is hard! I just hit a point in my life where it felt like I had to make a decision: drugs and death or skating. I chose skating! I’m a drug addict and a drunk, so fuck it! There’s more to life than a bar and a bag of coke! Haha


How are you filling the party void? What have you been doing with your time?

Playing with my dog Shredder, he rules, going to the gym and just skating tonnes!

It’s not too bad some times, I get pissed off but fuck it! Whatever, I feel great everyday and that’s a new high in itself!


From what I gather a majority of the guys that skate for Baker and Deathwish were the people you looked up to, right? How is being around such an iconic team of skateboarders and personalities?

Yeah Baker, were my favourite skaters, I always loved there skating! And now we got Deathwish, so it’s the best life ever and they’re all great people; I love being in the fam!




Besides shredding, what other shit inspires you on a day-to-day basis?

Travis Pastrana! All day youtube! That guy’s FUCKING AMAZING!


You’ve had a pretty busy year and you’ve been on the road a fair bit, what have been the highlights?

My friends, man. They’re the best, and we get to hang out all over the world; it’s a blessing and not a lot of people get to do that – that’s big for me! Just skating the best spots; having a great time!


How do you find being on the road a lot? Does it mess with any other routines that you have in your life or is it something that you’re used to these days?

It’s the best, sometimes it gets a little stressful but I’m random, always doing different stuff. So no, it’s great. A little taste of normal life is always good!


So you’re in the X Games now. How about street league is this something that you want to be involved in?

Sure, if they’d let me I’d be stoked!


And your now you’re situated in Hollywood right?  How’s life there compare to Salt Lake?

It’s cool all the homies live out here! But I go home all the time so I never have to miss back home!


Frontside noseslide.


The Deathwish video coming up, how are you feeling about your section, I’m guessing this is a biggie for you right?

Yeah, I’m trying my hardest and hope all the homies like it!


Any megaramp in there?

We’ll see, I’m trying something for sure!


So Deathwish video is on the Horizon. What else is in line for you?



All right Lizard. Got any last words for us?

SHRED TILL YOUR DEAD! Thanks, Supra, Kr3w, Deathwish, Independent, Spitfire, Stance CCS, Armadillo and, fuck, thanks to the homies!


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