Crete, pleasantly located right in between mainland Greece, Turkey, Libya and Egypt, favourite getaway to many European tourists, all-inclusive resort heaven with endless beaches – an exquisite destination for two weeks of skate tripping!

That's exactly what the team of Titus's truck company Lites trucks was out for in October 2016: Marco Kada, Martin Huppertz, Konrad Waldmann, Lenni Pfeifer, Marlon Schollmeier and Wanja Bach set out to explore an island previously unknown. Their search for spots led through them Chania and Rethymno, up on mountains, over high planes all the way to Crete's capital Heraklion and back. So the following are a few shots of spots they found… also check the edits here and here.

Marco Kada, kickflip

This pic was shot at the very first spot of the trip, in the capital Heraklion. The residents at this apartment complex got severely pissed when Marco started trying his trick. First they started to throw banana peels at us. And shortly thereafter, they went on to fill up trash bags with water to chuck at us… Good thing Marco made quick work of this kickflip over the rail… savage style!


Marlon Schlollmeier, fakie front crooks

Before embarking on street mission in Heraklion you should definitely check out the ELEFTHERIAS SQUARE. This roomy space offers everything needed for a good warm-up: curbs, small steps and smooth, endless flatground.  – And more: savvy locals to hook-up with for your every need. That's why we came back almost every single day… enough time for Marlon to grind this fakie front crooks all the way…


Wanja Bach, 360 flip

It started dawning and a head wind had picked up when Wanja was trying this tre flip – far fom ideal circumstances for a banger like this. Wanja had eyed this spot a few days prior, calling out at least one move here before it was time to fly back home. So despite slight skepticism within the crew, he nailed this tre bomb in under five tries!


Martin Huppertzs, ollie over to wallride fakie

Despite a mean heel bruise from one of the first days Martin managed to bag quite a few tricks. So towards the end of the trip days were more arranged for Konrad as he had been doing both, skating and filming. But while looking for spots we stumbled upon this rough wall ride in the back yard of a car repair shop. This ollie over the pipe to wallride was the icing on the cake for Martin's output.


Marco Kada, hardflip

It's safe to say: In Crete visits to any school or uni are usually a pretty safe bet as far as spots go! This school was no exception: stairs, ledges, curbs… plus this five block the size of a football goal. Not a whole lot of run up to it, you even had to carve in from the side, but Marco likes the odd battle for a trick, so this didn't hold him back. A couple of Motörhead songs later he had found his inner balance and landed bolts on this massive hardflip.


Konrad Waldmann, boardslide pop over

Photog Florian “Burny" Hopfensberger likes to take time for himself every now and then. And on one of his private wanderings he found this low to high ledge. But despite many options for this spot no one had stepped up to it twelve days into the trip. However, Konrad still had a few vacant slots on his to-do list – and this ledge seemed just perfect for one of his favourites: boardslide pop overs. Konrad went for it, but once he managed to land on the first attempts the shop owner came out and ended the session. To boot he said we would either pay for the damage done on his ledge or he'd call the cops… Well, after a bit of negotiation we got a fair price. And when he finally held the cash in his hand we could even go on with a couple of more tries. Easily enough for Konrad to roll away on the last banger of the trip.


Look out for the Lites Trucks Crete edits to drop next week…