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The Turtle Video (Reloaded) Interview with Lucas Jankoschek

Welcome to Turtle Productions second full length video, filmed and edited by Lucas Jankoschek, Vienna represent!

We’re big fans of Lucas and his crew, so decided why not hit him up to get an inside take on the video? The Vienna scene is dope as hell, plus these stories of run ins whilst out filming are too good not to share with you all!

What’s the origins of Turtle Productions? How did the cartoon turtle come about?

Back in my schooldays people would randomly start to compare me with a turtle. Either I was eating like a turtle, acting like a ‘real turtle’ or carrying my huge camera bag like it was my turtleshell, which by the way must have looked really hilarious in comparison to my below average size at that age! Around the same time I had already been filming and editing a little bit. Some years later when I finally got a VX1000 I wanted to give my videos a kind of personality. It didn’t take long to decide to go down the ironic route and call them Turtle Productions.

“it was a bit tough to be the filmer dude for almost the whole city… but it turned out to be a perfect reflection of the Viennese skateboarding scene”

How was the process filming for this video, was it planned at all?

Usually I film with a small crew to do some Turtle clips here and there, but most importantly I wouldn’t have any bigger missions or projects to work for. Since my last full length (The Turtle Video) was two years ago I decided to start another one. It was clear to everyone from the beginning that I was working on a new full length. After some time more and more people took notice that there was new video coming up and so I got them motivated enough to get some tricks for the video. Although it was a bit tough to be the filmer dude for almost the whole city I would say that the end result turned out to be a perfect reflection of the Viennese skateboarding scene as well as the spots and the city vibe. Right what I wanted, that’s why I am really satisfied with the outcome.

Where did you travel, looked mostly like Vienna to me?

Yes, it’s 99% filmed in Vienna. 1% was filmed somewhere else but I am not going to say any more!

The video has a real fun crew feel, you guys obviously have a good time and sense of humor when it comes to skateboarding. Was it important for you to convey this on video?

Yes, for sure! I am not that kind of guy who takes skateboarding too seriously and so I try to reflect this in my videos. Furthermore I am always trying to make my videos suitable also for non-skate-friends who are watching them too. I am not a fan of those skate porn videos which don’t include a single lifestyle shot or any kind of side footage. For me it’s super important to also show what’s going on beside the skate sessions. Nowadays with Instagram you already get your overload of skate footage anyway so why make another skate porn video which would bore the hell out of everybody?

Viennese skateboarding is historically very rooted to the city of Vienna itself – is this something that is the same today?

Yeah, I guess. Viennese people still like to keep it in Vienna. Everybody knows each other very well, it almost feels like we’ve got our own little cosmos which provides us with everything we need. For this reason just the odd bit of stuff reaches the outside world and most of the stuff being produced, as well as most of the people, stay in the city.

“during summertime Vienna transforms into a huge playground where you can do whatever you want to do”

What’s special about Vienna as a city and scene? Why should people visit?

The city has its own character which is pretty much conducted by freedom. Especially during summertime Vienna transforms into a huge playground where you can do whatever you want to do. Skating wise it’s super easy to push from spot to spot since the ground is very smooth and you can find spots all over the city. One would have to discover the typical Viennese grumpiness, for foreign people this might easily be misunderstood at first but after some time you get used to it, you might even start to like it! All in all I couldn’t find any better words to describe the city than how Philipp Schuster did in his Red Bull Diaries: “Vienna is the most lovable city in the world!”

How did the Dutch connection come about? You’ve got clips of Jesse, Ziggy and Justin in there.

Two years ago I took an exchange semester in The Hague in the Netherlands. That’s how I got to know a lot of people there, particularly Ziggy. Justin and me got really close since we noticed that we are on the same page skating wise as well as everything else. We try to keep in touch and visit each other every once in a while. We are even going to do a trip together to Tel Aviv soon, hyped to see the boys again!

Also Callum Paul, was he just passing through? I’d imagine he felt right at home as there always seems to be beer on the session in Vienna!

There is this inexplicably strong connection between Austria and Australia. Maybe it’s because the names of our countries are so similar, but to be completely honest I think it’s probably because the beer is way cheaper here than it is Down Under. Fuxl and Paschi-P got to know Callum and his friends when they flew to Australia some years ago. Since then every year at least one Australian guy has escaped the Australian winter to spend it here during summertime. Last year it was Dean Palmer and Callum who expanded their Pass-Port trip from Athens straight to Vienna. And so it happened that we got to film some tricks together.

“all of a sudden a car comes from behind us, increasing its speed and tries to run over Enöckl”

Any funny situations you ended up in during filming? Seems like you met a lot of interesting people on the streets…

I am super into those lurking people. They just fascinate me and they always provide you with unique footage. For most of the situations in the video we just randomly happened to be at the right place at the right time. There was this woman watching and talking with us while we were skating a ledge inside an apartment complex. She was really interested in skateboarding and even claimed to be the sister of a former Viennese skater. I realized that she was crazily drunk when she tried to go down some steps and just fell on the ground super hard like she was a bag of potatoes being thrown out of a window. Fortunately she didn’t hurt herself. The situation got way more absurd when a grumpy guy came outside the complex and tried to kick us out. All of a sudden the drunk woman ran towards him and defended us skaters by insulting him with some super harsh stuff. While they almost got into a fight I was sitting right by their feet with my camera and filmed everything. I almost couldn’t believe what was going on at that moment. Fortunately the tape didn’t glitch, that would have really bad!

One more: the other day we were skating a bit more outside of the city centre also in an apartment complex. Same story again – a dude came out and wanted to kick us out. He kind of provoked us and so we challenged him. Bad luck for him that he was alone and we were a crew of 7 people. So it happened that one of us slapped his face. It’s not really common that we get physical but for this particular situation I need to say that the guy really deserved it. After that we tried to get the fuck out of the area as soon as possible and we took the next downhill right around the corner. We were pushing on the streets and had already made our distance when all of a sudden a car comes from behind us, increasing its speed and tries to run over Enöckl, who coincidentally was the one to slap the guy’s face. Apparently the driver was an old woman, Noyan watched the whole scenario from nearby, fortunately Enöckl wasn’t hurt at all. We all asked ourselves if this was just a coincidence or a really silly act of revenge? Straight after that Enöckl felt more than alive and skated two 8-stair handrails with the motto “if I haven’t got hurt in this car assassination then I can’t get hurt by skating some handrails either”. It was a crazy day.

What’s the plan now?

I am almost at the end of my teacher training study so that’s still a big task I want to accomplish. Skating wise I want to focus more on filming short clips again, I think it’s easier to realise your ideas with a smaller crew who understand your concepts and are involved in the project, rather than randomly filming skateboarding with any and everyone. Whatever happens I’m hyped to produce more stuff in the future, thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions, Matt! Cheers!

Thanks Lucas.


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