Mark Frölich – "Till Ur Legs Fall Off" video part and interview.

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Mark Frölich – “Till Ur Legs Fall Off” video part and interview.

Download the part HERE.

Interview by Jan and Arthur.

Jan: I just finished watching your part, fucking insane.

You liked it? I’ve been busting my balls on this one…

Arthur: How long did it take you to film it?

I’ve been working on it for most of this year. The Thrasher part came out in January or something like that and I basically kept going after that.

J: So did your legs actually fall off?

No. I’m still carrying them with me. I’m actually okay…

J: The amount of footage you managed to gather in less than a year is pretty mad.

I just rewatched your Thrasher part and I can’t believe you were still hungry for more crazy stunts after that…

I noticed that you made it all fit into one song this time! Quite a change from how your parts used to be back in the day…

Yeah, I like it better like that.

J: I guess that’s one of the good things about using a metal song.

A: How come you chose to edit it yourself?

Firstly because we basically had no budget at all for the whole production, so getting money to pay the filmers for the footage was already hard.

The other reason is that no filmers/editors that I’d trust enough to do it offered. Obviously I like having a lot of imput but I wouldn’t have minded if somebody else edited my part. I know there are really good editors out there. Take Paul Labadie for instance, I like the way he puts together videos. Then obviously French Fred is also really good… But our budget didn’t allow us to work with anyone like that. Plus I really enjoy editing myself. It’s something I like practising and who knows, maybe later I’ll do something with what I’m learning.

J: Plus you are also a really picky person.

True, but sometimes it can be hard to edit your own part. It’s obviously good because you know exactly what you want but I still think it’s way easier to edit someone else’s. When it’s your own part it drives you nuts. For instance when you are making a trailer it’s really difficult to pick incidental clips and random footage because every time you see yourself talk… I dunno, you get pissed off because its you. If it’s someone else it’s a lot easier for some reason. But whatever, I like editing so I don’t mind doing it myself.

A: What made you choose to release it with us rather than a brand?

Well there’s actually a very simple answer to that question:  I don’t have that many brands to release it with because my sponsor list isn’t exactly the longest right now. The section was initially meant to be a Jart part but I guess it’s quite tough for them to get budget as well.

Plus Kingpin is the biggest European platform and I’ve known Jan for ages so I just asked him and he said you guys were keen. It’s a win/win situation.

A: Why exactly did you insist on it being dark outside when we release the section?

I don’t know… As Jan said before, I guess I’m just picky with that kind of thing.

I personally find it a lot easier to focus on what I’m watching when it’s dark outside. I’ve always been like that; I like colours on black backgrounds. Plus even if it’s just an online premiere I feel like it should be at night, I don’t know why.

A: What about your second special request. Why did you ask us post a download link to the section? (That one should go up in about a week).

Because I think all skate videos should be on DVD, or even better VHS.

J: Neo-Old School/Old School 2.0

I’m actually from the generation that is halfway between of two eras. I’m not old school but not quite new school either because I got to witness the last few years of skating in the nineties. I just think it’s good to be able to download it onto your computer, that way you can watch it whenever you want. If I have a skate video part that I really enjoy, I like having it on my computer.

J: It makes sense; there is actually life without the Internet. Making a part downloadable is sort of a way of making yourself independent from it. Something that we tend to forget is possible these days…

Maybe it’s just because my internet connection sucks.

J: Good for you in a way…

A: What are you going to do after this? Are you just going start all over again and film an even gnarlier 7-minute part? Do you ever chill?

Right now I don’t know. Actually Jart is putting out an am video at the beginning of next year. I need to give them some footage for that as there’s going to be a “pro montage” in there…

J: You going to actually film a frontside trick this time?

I dunno man we’ll see. (laughs) I don’t think your going to see many frontside tricks from me in this life!

J: Hey you’ve still got like 10 years left of hammer packed video parts left in you!

I’m doing my best… It’s just easier for me to turn backside. I’d rather turn 360 degrees that way than turn frontside.

J: At least you’ve got some goals left…

Yeah I need to keep progressing… I did put some new shit into this one though!

I’ll be so stoked when this thing finally comes out. I’ve been locked indoors for the past 5 days, editing 12 hours a day straight. I went a bit mental. For instance if you pay close attention to the sound you’ll notice that I made tons of corrections like making the pop noise a little bit louder for certain tricks or raising the volume of certain landing noises because the song is too loud. I really paid attention detail on this one.

What did you guys think of the song? Did you dig it or what?

J: Not my cup of tea but it fits the part.

What too heavy for you? After my Thrasher part I thought I’d go for something a little bit mellower but as soon as I heard this song I was like fuck, this is the one!

I like it and that’s the main thing that counts. This kind of music is my shit; it’s what I listen to…



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