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Mark Frölich: Stand – Lemmy Tribute Part

Go-for-broke style, all-in dedication, directional aggressiveness – and no compromises: All of these attributes count for both of the following individuals alike; Mark Frölich and Motörhead’s infamous frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Relentless and straight to the point as Mark is with most he does on and off the board, he is fascinated with everything Lemmy and his music stand for; if you know Mark a bit, maybe followed his skating, I guess it shows pretty well.

Therefore, and despite two heavy parts earlier this year, it’s no big surprise Mark came up with the idea of filming a tribute part for Lemmy’s 70th birthday today, the 24th of December. We’ve sat him down to do some explaining…

Hey Mark! Like Lemmy you belong to the kind of people who just won’t back down and uncompromisingly do their thing. So how did the idea for this “Stand” part come about?

Every year I keep saying that I don’t really want to celebrate Christmas – in fact what I celebrate is Lemmy’s birthday!

I saw Lemmy (Motörhead) last time in November at a concert in Düsseldorf, Germany – a really good concert! I was super stoked on being there – the energy you get when you see them live is really impressive . All three of them are so unique and so good!

Lemmy hasn’t been in the best conditions healthwise lately, but at the same time you can see that he gives it all he got on stage . He commits himself entirely to their (Motörhead’s) music . Still releasing new albums – still touring a lot… not an easy job for him right now – and it makes me and a lot of people very, very happy that he’s still doing it, so when I figured out that this year would be his 70th birthday I was like “fuck man… we’ve got to celebrate this…we gotta give this guy something back…

I had a little bit of footage left and there was like a month left to film – so I hit up Burgi (who is really into Lemmy and Motörhead as well) and told him that we got work to do… told him about my idea, and he was super down for it… so he helped me out with the filming and we pushed each other pretty good to make this work. Big-ups to him for helping me to make this happen.

»There is a lot of stuff in this world that we are pissed about – and the stuff he sings about in his songs: I believe he’s got reason to be pissed«

So Lemmy is turning 70. Reckon you’ll still be riding when you hit 70?

Fuck… I want to… I hope so!

Alternate Vimeo link here.

What meaning, what kind of impact does Lemmy have on you? What does he stand for?

To be honest: Lemmy is very important to me. There have been a lot of situations in my life where his music as well as his character have helped me.

I think there is a lot you can learn form this guy.

From understanding what it really means to commit yourself to something, to staying humble and down-to-earth no matter how big of a deal you are (like in his case) and as well to just be fucking grateful for what you have and how to enjoy it, and maybe as well to not take yourself too serious.

A lot of people that are not too much into his music and that don’t really know too much about it might tell you: “Man this music is so aggressive and the guy sounds so pissed most of the time “, and you know what?: He is pissed with certain things – and that’s also what some of his songs are about, but I see this as something good. There is a lot of stuff in this world that we are pissed about – and the stuff he sings about in his songs: I believe he’s got reason to be pissed. I think it’s good that we also face those things in life. It’s good to hear a love-song but then there is more than that as well.

»Lemmy would like anyone who skates fast, who doesn’t fake his style«

I see it as this: all of us get frustrated at times – sometimes for good reasons, sometimes it just might be a random temper-tantrum, and sometimes we might just get things wrong and take wrong conclusions. But apparently, it happens over and over again… now, our usual reaction (a lot of times) is being stupid – some might break their board, others might behave stupidly towards the people they actually love just because they can’t handle their anger, some might go on the streets and beat up someone just to release stress – some might even go for a terroristic-attack and blow up a building full of innocent people!

So now tell me a better way to deal with your anger and frustration then putting it into a song and sharing it with the world, and it might even help other people as well, right?! For example when you listen to songs like “I don’t believe a word” or “Orgasmatron” you’ll also see that he really reflects a lot on what makes him angry. And afterwards he puts his thoughts into his songs. Then the moment you get to hear one of these songs you might realise: ‘Fuck man, this exact shit has been driving me nuts for ever…’ So I think it is actually really good that he also expresses this side of him.

And so how do you see Lemmy influence your skating?

I guess relating to my skating I would say the biggest inspiration is his strong will and dedication.

If you’re 70 years old and your health has been sketchy for a while and you still tour half of the year and the other half you keep on writing and recording new songs this means you’re into it a hundred percent. This inspires me a lot – to see someone giving it all he got! And also fact that he has always been himself – Lemmy has always been Lemmy. This is something that is very important to me and very rare in this world today; when you most certainly are gonna have an easier way if you just play everybody else’s game and become a fucking marionette!

I think he accepts himself for who he is and does things his own way – if you can honestly say that about yourself I think you’re heading in a good direction.

Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades… or Stand?

Fuck man, don’t ask me this one… haha. There are so many good ones… fuck, Overkill live! Damnnnnn – that’s a killer right there!

Bomber: all time classic. Ace of Spades even more… and Stand, well we used this one for this part for a reason… I love them all man and many more…! Sorry, can’t answer this question.

What do you think Lemmy himself would say if he saw this part? Do you know if he knows about skating?

I think Lemmy knows a bit about skateboarding. He’s produced a song for Geoff (Rowley)’s part in Extremely Sorry and stuff… so I guess at least he doesn’t dislike it…

I hope he will get to see this and I hope it will make him a little bit happy at least – fuck he better be happy man… I disclocated and broke my thumb for this part… haha… all for you Lemmy!

Imagine Lemmy would skate in his spare time. Which skaters would he be into? What tricks would he be doing?

Hahaha – Lemmy would like anyone who skates fast, who doesn’t fake his style and would probably battle it out with Gravette for the gnarliest 50-50 s on kinked rails and stuff… haha… what do I know… we should ask him!

»I disclocated and broke my thumb for this part… haha… all for you Lemmy!«

You’ve mentioned you sometimes even dedicate tries to Lemmy when filming something gnarly. What’s going on there?

Well, maybe one of his songs just gets me hyped so I go out and dedicate a trick to him. This probably motivates myself more than him, but whatever…

Which skate video part to Motörhead do you like best?

I think that might be Rowley’s last two parts!

Extremely Sorry and the Propeller one. Actually the one in Extremely Sorry is not a Motörhead song. It’s “Stand by Me”, sang by Lemmy. But damn, it goes really well with his skating. Yeah, one of my favourite skaters out there, with the music of my favourite band / singer – that’s hard to beat!

If you could meet Lemmy, what would you want to ask him?

I would get a drink with him, tell him that he has helped me a lot over the years and that I’m very happy that he’s still killing it!

I don’t know about asking him too much though… where would I meet him, after one of his gigs?! Fuck you might just wanna give the guy a break and just let him have his drink, haha!

Even at 70 Lemmy can’t be stopped, he’s charging until the wheels fall off. You’ve now put out three relentless banger parts. On how many Frölich parts can we count for 2016? What’s in stock for you next year?

Yeah man – you can’t stop Lemmy – Lemmy can only stop himself!

For my part I think the new Jart-video is gonna be out any time soon… so I should get some more clips for that as soon as I m a bit more recovered…

besides that we would like to do a team-video as well with Forvert as soon as the whole team is lined up.

That’s definitely something I’m looking forward to.

And as always man: Fucking mosh it down! Travel a bit and see what happens…

Thanks for the interview Jan! And thanks for helping to make this happen!



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