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Marcus Vik Interview

We first became familiar with Marcus Vik’s skating through Martin Ström’s DAZE clips which provided a monthly update on the Oslo skate scene. Since then Marcus has been travelling a fair bit, made the move to the Norwegian adidas team and joined the gym! Marcus suggested getting something together for the site and of course we were more than happy to oblige, so here’s your opportunity to get familiar with the man himself.

Photos: Vi Duc Truong & Kevin Marquez

Where in Norway are you from?

I am basically from Oslo haha, although I don’t live there. I grew up a little outside of Oslo in a place called Bærum. I still live home, since I can’t stay at one place for a long amount of time. I try to save all my money to travel and skate. Oslo is the sickest place to live in Norway I think, every skate event or video premiere happens here.

When did you start skating and what inspired you to do so?

I think I was around 10 years old when I got my first proper board. My friends in my street had already got one and I was so hyped to have my own. I really don’t know why we started (laughs) I guess it was cool to skate. We were three friends, and I just kept skating every day. I still skate with the homies I grew up skating with, couldn’t be more stoked on the Daze crew.

What were the spots like in your hometown? Were there many local skaters to bring you up?

Since I grew up in this little place we didn’t really have that many spots. But we always skated the sidewalk,everyday! (laughs) That was all we skated for 2 years until we discovered there was a skatepark 10 minutes from our houses.

Alek Østereng was always shredding. I remember I was just a little kid when he did smith grinds and feebles down handrails, stoked to still skate with him now.

Smith grind in San Diego. Ph. Kevin Marquez

Oslo has been getting a fair bit of attention the past couple of years. What makes it so good for skateboarding?

For sure. Norwegian skaters are getting some fame these days. I think that the dude’s styles are a little different to what people are used to seeing, and the spots too, it’s a good match I think. Everyone moves to Oslo, the filmers too, that’s probably why you keep seeing so much footy from here. We need some new handrails I think but apart from that I love it (laughs).

Who do you skate with on a regular basis?

I’m gonna go with the Daze crew, or at least Martin Strøm, I always call him to see what’s up and take it from there. Our friend Alek is a pro snowboarder so he travels a lot, and some of the younger guys go to the Bryggeriet school in Malmø, Sweden. So the crew isn’t always skating together, but now that it’s summertime everyone is here and we’re having the best time.

Who are some locals we should be paying attention to?

There are loads of good skaters in Oslo right now, I feel like everyone is killing it. I skate with Øyvind Svensen alot, he is just too good! He knows every trick, and can skate the shittiest spots. He is one of my best homies as well, the whole package! ️️️

How is it filming with Martin Strom? You guys have a video coming out in the Autumn can you tell us about that?

Martin is the best. Such a nice dude and films anybody that has a trick in mind. It’s like filming with your friends when you grew up, nothing is too serious, just having a good time. It couldn’t be better!

Yeah, Martin is filming a video that’s going to drop later this year. Unfortunately I rolled my ankle a month or so ago. I have filmed a few tricks, and I’m starting to feel better now so hopefully I will be back and able to get a few more clips. The other guys have been killing it, and Martin too, he has some cool plans for the project!

Varial flip. Ph. Vi Duc Truong

I’ve read that you go to the gym to train your legs? Can you tell us why you do this and what effect it has on your skateboarding?

(Laughs) I try to be a little quiet about it. People who go to the gym here are just lifting weights and trying to get big. I go in my old shorts and Indy t-shirt looking like it’s my first time there, but it helps hella much. Since my ankle is fucked again I try to go there twice a week, sitting on a bike for 30 minutes, jumping ropes, and to do a bunch of other ankle exercises.

I have a lot of equipment at home, but then I just end up watching The Simpsons on the couch. If I go to the gym I know that I have to stay there until I’m done, so that’s the main reason I go there. My ankle needs rest, but it also needs to get back in shape, and I would definitely rather have a strong ankle when I start skating again than a weak one.

You seem to have been travelling a fair bit recently, where’s the best place you’ve been?

Yes, I work at the local skateshop to save up as much money as I can. I love living in Norway but when it’s snowing or raining in the winter time it’s always good to go somewhere nice to skate. I lived in Barcelona for half a year which was super sick, and California is never a bad place to visit.

It’s hard to say one favourite place, I really love Copenhagen and all my friends there. But I also like San Diego and the people there as well. It would have to be one of those two.

How was your time in the States? Did you stop by the Toy Machine office?

The States is always a good time. I try to go there once a year and I mostly stay in San Diego, it’s less hectic there. Spots there aren’t skated into the ground and the people there are so sick.

Yeah, I’m so hyped on that whole thing. Toy Machine and those dudes are the nicest, I always go there and say hi. I’ve been getting boards and wheels from them for a few years now and I couldn’t be more hyped. Big thanks to Danny and Brian, you guys rule!

You joined the Norwegian adidas team recently, how’s that going? They seem to do a lot of cool projects, anything coming up?

It’s going really well, I am super stoked to be a part of adidas. Both the team manager and the guys on the team are so sick and I’m looking forward to things to come. I don’t have any big plans right now, just stoked to be part of the team. A big thanks to Stefan Polliani!

FS180 50-50. Ph Vi Duc Truong

Can you tell us the story about Copenhagen Open? Seems like you had a bit of a mixed time there?

CPH Open is sick, it’s like a skateboard festival with good people and good beer. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year and it gets better every time too. This year I want to spend a little more time there, not just the CPH Open weekend.

It’s actually a funny story, I was supposed to go to L.A. with Hermann Stene some years ago, but then he couldn’t make it and I had already got my ticket. Somehow I ended up at a place with some Copenhagen guys, best thing that ever happened to me. Now, all those guys are my best friends so that’s why I spend a lot of time there.

What’s coming up for you for the rest of the year?

Right now I am just focusing on getting my ankle better. I have some exciting plans after the summer, me and my girlfriend are moving to Copenhagen for half a year as we found a cheap apartment and I am going to work at some skateparks. Trying to film something would be sick as well, hyped for that! Apart from that, just have fun and get some more clips for Martin’s project.

Sounds good, thanks Marcus

Ph Vi Duc Truong
Footie check. Ph Vi Duc Truong


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