Madars Apse Element Video Q&A

Our pal James was out on a press trip in Berlin, attended by Madars Apse amongst others. We thought it would be a good chance to get some insider information on the upcoming Element video from Madars, so we supplied James with a few questions. Read on to find out more about the upcoming Jon Miner produced video.

Portrait: Gaston Francisco/Red Bull Content Pool

How long have you been filming?

A while, some footage is probably two or three years old already.

The Element team is pretty big, is the video going to include everyone or just a selection?

Just a selection, not everybody I don’t think. All the U.S guys for the most part, all the pros. Nick Garcia, Nyjah, Julian Davidson – I am also supposed to have a full part, I still need to film a few lines. I hope that everybody is going to have something in there though.

Do you know who’s going to have the full parts?

I think it’s going to be more of an American based video, not so much the international team riders. Some guys from the international teams will have stuff of course, a few of the Australian dudes, and Jaakko (Ojanen) is going to have some clips. I really don’t know too much about it, I don’t feel too legitimate when I say this stuff! Anybody who has enough footage is going to have a full part.

What countries have you been filming in?

For the most part in California, and Barcelona a little bit too. The North of Spain too, in the Basque country, Bilbao. I got one trick in Milan, two tricks in Latvia, I’m going to go back to Barcelona in August, and maybe to Croatia, Greece or Italy. All those guys are going to be in Europe for like a month and a half so…

“It’s going to be a good quality video, guaranteed – Jon Miner is on the team now”

Any surprises we can expect from the video?

Sure there will be a lot of surprises, they keep the best stuff of all the guys. Even their parts coming out recently like Mason Silva‘s, Chris Colbourn‘s – all the footage coming out till now is b-sides for them. The big surprise, who knows man? It’s going to be a good quality video, guaranteed – Jon Miner is on the team now. Our other filmer Mark Stewart had to move back to Tennessee for his family, he was a cool dude

Is this going to be the video that turns Jarne pro?

Who knows, possibly! I’m not too sure whether Jarne will get to have a full part in this video – as I say it’s more US guys and Jarne doesn’t travel to Cali as much as I do for example. But yeah Jarne killed it in his last video part for sure.

Which of your teammates do you have the most fun with on trips?

I like to skate with Evan because he just inspires me, his presence at the spot makes me believe more things are possible. Nick and Julian are the guys I skate with mostly, Mark Appleyard has been killing it too, I mean I like to go skate with anybody – with Chad Muska and Levi Brown.

I feel like I’m missing out on some names now (laughs)… Brandon Westage of course, Nyjah – I don’t know about Nyjah – when he starts to skate it’s too gnarly to watch sometimes. Dominik Walker has been killing it as well, he’s an all around ripper.

In terms of your own footage are you satisfied with what you’ve got?

I’ve got one line only so I need to get some more of those, that’s my main focus now. I’m satisfied with the tricks that I’ve got, I just need to build up the quantity as I’ve got a short part now and I want a bigger one.

Do you have a deadline?

September some time, but every time I go back to Cali I find out they’re moving it back again. I think ‘thank God, as I don’t have enough footage yet’

“Jaakko Ojanen is anther one you got to watch out for”

What’s the most insane thing of Evan’s you’ve seen?

I don’t even remember now, much of the stuff that was in Zygote was really insane. His new stuff I can’t remember too well what he did, he’s been filming a lot for DC too. We’re releasing a DC promo in September/October with Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith and Wes, everybody smashed it on that. I couldn’t believe Tiago, he just keeps going and going! Jaakko Ojanen is anther one you got to watch out for, he’s got six minutes of footage for Element and maybe another minute with DC.

Have you guys been pranking Nyjah much?

I haven’t been on a  trip with him recently. But we did, we pranked him one time. Well, some people were giving him shit when he was in the van – that was a while ago though and things have changed a bit. Once we went into his room in the middle of the night and flipped his bed over, at 4am or something, that was not a nice move maybe? It’s not easy for someone like him…

When’s the video due out?

Hopefully by thanksgiving, if we don’t push the deadline back! Or it will be Christmas, or Easter maybe (laughs)

Haha, thanks for your time Madars, good luck getting those lines!


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