Earlier this week we were invited to the House of Vans in London to meet up with Gilbert Crockett. Gilbert, as you may well be aware, has a new pro shoe out with Vans so this was an opportunity to skate, hang out, and chat about the new shoe. Here's some quickfire questions which we hope will offer some insight into the mind of Mr Crockett.

Best place to buy workwear?

Old stuff, erm, one of my favorite stores is Stock Vintage in New York City.

Who has the best trousers in skateboarding?

Hmm, let’s see… that’s a hard question. Maybe Dan Lu? Dan Lu has some interesting trousers.

Best way to make canvas shoes last?


Do you have a favorite Vans model?

Yeah, I’m stoked on my second one more than any shoe right now.

"Dan Lu has some interesting trousers"

Best aspect of your new shoe?

They’re really comfortable.

Best way to train your pop?

I don’t know, keep skating, I think it’s probably just muscle development.

Best piece of tattoo advice?

Don’t get cheap tattoos!

Any advice for tattooing yourself?

Be careful!

Best thing about skating for Quasi?

The creative freedom, we get as much input as we want on our own boards.

Best skater in Richmond we should know about?

Jon Rowe.

"At Quasi we get as much input as we want on our own boards"

Best part about skating in Europe?

The old architecture.

Best way to avoid busts when skating with Bust Crew?

That’s very tough, don’t roll so deep I guess…

Best thing about not drinking alcohol?

No hangovers!

Makes sense, thanks Gilbert.