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Chatting Wake Robins With Guru Khalsa

There is no doubt Guru Khalsa has left his imprint on the skateboard world with video parts for Habitat – distinct style, gnar and tech on crusty spots was the formula. But then things had gotten a bit more quiet around him with the discomposure involving Habitat and Alien Workshop. And when the dust had settled, and Habitat had found a new home at Tum Yeto distribution, Guru had disappeared from the team list.

However, not too long ago the “Wheel of Sharp Weapons” edit surfaced out of nowhere. Rugged and raw, with fresh skating by Guru and friends… “from the world renown cult of skateboarding” it said… This is where we got curious and tried to find out more. So here are a few answers around Wake Robins from the man himself, Mr. Guru Khalsa…

Words: Kliewer | Pics: Wake Robins/Dharam Khalsa

Hey Guru, tell us a bit about Wake Robins? Who’s involved?

We got a lot of foxes. A lot of foxes and hounds. We have ears and eyes in every country, we have kings and queens from every court.

As far as the act of skateboarding is concerned it’s myself, Jordan McCollough, Mark Roberts as well as some others, but the entire organization is currently hazy, yet forming. Jordan and myself are doing all the work like mailing out your orders and anything you buy, etc.

Is it a company or more of a crew thing?

What’s the difference? This is my company, this is my crew, and these are my troops.

We workin’ to make loot for gold tooths…

What’s the idea behind it? What’s the direction you guys are heading towards? What about the Budhist/esoteric/meditative touch?

The idea? It’s just happening… almost beyond me. I couldn’t say there is one idea that I would pinpoint aside from creating in some way shape or form. There is a ton of ideas… most of which die off and never physically manifest, and then there are the ones that do, which get put out, wether skateboarding, shirts, products and merchandise, or some other form of creative content. The direction is to create content that is megalithic in proportion, and increases, inspires and expands the creative consciousness of the individual’s soul and the universal soul. Sound good? Sounds good to me. Yes, esoteric touch, if you say so, sure why not. That part would be sharing information that may, or may not empower all sub-cultures and the underbelly of youths who are so easily mis-led and end up in places more hazardous then sought after. Maybe they can pick themselves up… who knows… I don’t.

»We workin’ to make loot for gold tooths…«

Where do you get inspiration?

Endless, this is endless. I get inspiration from my breath… stories… religious manuscripts, life I’d say… If it inspires me then I get inspired and if it does nothing for me, well, it still probably did something. Definitely rhythm and musical sounds… I get inspired by the elements that I am composed of, of which compose me. Of which surround you, of which surround me.

I get inspired by the sound of silence, lots and lots of silence. There is no silent, only the sound of silence. And most of all beautiful young women, I repeat, beautiful young women, I repeat, beautiful young women.

How does this translate to your skating?

I could hardly call it my skating. I’ve learned it all from others, its all theirs and they can have all the credit.

I don’t know how it translates… everything is translatable…… are we translating to French, Spanish or Persian, and what are we translating?


Switch flip 50 wake robins style.

»…most of all beautiful young women, I repeat, beautiful young women, I repeat, beautiful young women«

What sort of products can we expect? What thoughts have gone into the products?

Yeah, we just had a meeting with our on staff fortune teller and she said “the future involves great untold products for Wake-Robins international.” So that felt good. She also said something abut life being a cosmic dream and to weave your dreams well.

The thoughts are to make quality products. Basically to make products that we are 100% into. Nothing will be physically created that we don’t feel really, really good about.

How do you go about the quality edits of raw skating that you put out? What do you look for in putting those together?

We go out into the streets of this planets jungle, we fall on our faces, get angry, then rip shit up, or we get it seamless and effortless. Either way is good. Then we put the footage on a timeline and transform it. Transforming our steel to gold we put it out into the far expanses of the internet for all who may see.

It’s very much an unknown manifestation, the main catalyst happens because of the intention to go skateboard and to film, you don’t know what’s going to happen until it’s already happened.

What are the plans?

To work and generate and elevate. To learn and practice, practice, practice. To experience and not to masturbate too much cause I don’t think its very good for you.

Are we gonna get to see boards/hardware from you guys? More music from you?

No plans to make boards presently.

I thought about it… even made some graphics.

We have some ideas regarding hardware and things like that, most of which I’d rather not say.

If I talk ideas too much I get ahead of reality.

At the present moment, the reality is:

We are making very limited runs of shirts, stickers, and video edits,

and if its meant to grow then more will be made.

As for music:

I like music, I like the idea of creating and recording music.

I’ve made a lot of music. Some of which I’m happy with. I’ll probably make recordings until I die and even thereafter, why not.


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