We were out in Malmö for the European leg of the Vans Park Series and managed to grab some time with the young Italian ripper Ivan Federico. Ivan was, to a lot of people, a relative unknown before his consistent top three finishes on the Vans Park Series tour brought him into the spotlight. Amongst the noise of the ongoing contest we chatted about growing up near Turin, his skateboarding inspirations, the Vans Park Series and more.

Where are you from and when did you start skating?

I come from Italy, near Turin. I started skating when I was five years old, it’s been a pretty long time! In Italy the skateboarding infrastructure is not so good, we don’t have many parks and it makes it hard for the scene to grow.

Who were your inspirations growing up? Any locals you looked up to?

My inspiration was one guy, Marco Mina. In Italy he is really famous, I started skating with him and he taught me a lot, and from there I began travelling more.

"We want to build a concrete bowl too, we want to help support the scene."

Where did you learn to skate transition? Is there a local park you’d always hit up?

I learned in my local park, it’s really little though. My parents started building some ramps, so there was a vert ramp and a mini ramp near my home. Now we want to build a concrete bowl too, we want to help support the scene.

Who are you favorites to watch on the Vans Park Series tour?

I like all the guys, everyone is different. Some of the guys I really like watching are Alex Sorgente and Pedro Barros for their style and their power.

How have you found the VPS more generally? For a lot of people it will be the first they’ve heard of you.

I love Vans Park Series, it’s a big competition, I like that the parks we skate always change from stop to stop, there’s a lot of good skaters.


Do you like the competitive nature?

Yeah I like it, it’s not competitive in the same way as other sports, it’s more fun. Yeah I like it.

Have you got the flip sad plants down now?

It’s really hard because I need to do a  kickflip and when I flip I can’t see my board and then plant my hand… I’m trying to get them down!

You should speak to Andy Scott, he’s around here somewhere, he’s got kickflip eggplants!

Yeah I have seen, so good!

"I don’t really care too much about the Olympics, I find it quite weird that whole thing"

What are your interests out of skateboarding?

When I’m not skating I like to spend time at home, I like to draw, I like snowboarding too. I’m close to the mountains so in winter it’s always good to get out there.

Are your family supportive of your skateboarding?

Yeah, so much. They started taking me to contests, travelling and yeah they’re supporting me a lot. I’m very proud.

Is the Olympics something that interests you?

I don’t really care too much, I find it quite weird that whole thing. I think for Italian skateboarding it could be good as it can allow skateboarding in Italy to grow. But me personally, I don’t care too much.

What do you have coming up for the rest of the year?

I want to keep travelling, skating with all the guys, and lots of fun!

Cool, thanks a lot Ivan, good luck for the contest!