We published a piece on Street League the other day that we'd hoped to have Tiago in, unfortunately we didn't get the answers back in time, but now we have them we thought we might as well give them to you as well. So read on for us asking Tiago Lemos stupid Street League questions.

If you could pick any skateboarder from any era to compete at Street League who would you choose?

Hmm I gotta go with Keenan Milton!

How much would you need to be paid to focus someone’s board during the competition?

You can't put a price on that! I'll never do such a thing!

Did you try to win or were you just here to get paid?

A little bit of of both... I just want to land my tricks, if that makes me win, even better.

What’s the most stinking trick you saw go down? Name and shame please…

I didn't really pay attention to those things...

Who’s the worst snake during practice?

They know who they are...  those who are only there to win that thing and not have fun.

Do you consider yourself an athlete or a skateboarder?

100% skateboarder.


If you were able to enter like a WWE wrestler, what would your entrance music and costume be?

No costume, just play some Group Home!

What’s the weirdest contractual obligation you have to fulfil to skate this competition?

There's none to be honest. I only skate this because I want to, I have a bunch of friends in there so it's good to be with them.

How many Monsters have you drunk?

Water only!

Who was your favourite to watch this weekend?

Trent Mclung was dope! He's not a contest skater but he made it happen!

How did you find London beyond the Street League circus?

London is dope, I loved the spots, the food was good, the street art, I even stayed a little longer! Can't wait to go back.

What’s the deal with drugs testing at the event?

I couldn't care less... but there weren't any tests at this event.

Do you see SLS as the Olympics blueprint?

Maybe so, maybe no.

What would your ideal skate competition look like?

A contest where all the skaters were actual legit street skaters, with video parts, interviews, the whole package you know!