OFC-KP114-to check-ALL-1

This issue is a bit of a Sweet X SK8MAFIA special as we've got two double interviews with their riders. One with Eric Pettersson and Javier Sarmiento, the other with kickflip shiftying cover boys Wes Kremer And Josef Scott Jatta.

We've also cornered Cliché's newest pro Flo Mirtain to ask him about working on Bon Voyage, how he feels about his new status and what we should expect from him in the near future.

As far as trips go we've got two pretty big ones in store for you. The first is this year's Builders' Jam in Bangalore with Stefan Janoski, Chet Childress, Lennie Burmeister, Rob Smith and many more. The second is an 80s launch ramp themed Parisian excursion with a few of our favorite European Converse riders including Pontus Alv, Jerome Campbell and Kevin Rodrigues.

There you go, now that you know what we've got lined up for you all you have left to do is pick up a copy before they run out!