1.Kristian Bomholt, backside flip. Barcelona, 2004.

1.kristian bomholt. Barcelona

[part title="Jürgen Horrwarth"]

2.Jürgen Horrwarth, ollie in, Bulgaria. 2006.


[part title="Barefoot skating"]

3.Barefoot skating in the rain. Porto, Portugal 2005.

This was a day of skating broken up by bouts of rain on a tour in Casa da Musica, Porto, and these feet belong to Karsten Heinrichs. He was passionate about the art of Bonsai and I’d say skateboarding fell below or at best on par with Bonsai trees on his list of loves. Just as we’d decided to head off to a bar to drown our sorrows about the rain, he took off his tee shirt and shoes and proceeded to skate down the now slippery bank which acted more like a waterslide whenever he fell off his board – which was pretty often. One of the most fun moments on a board I’ve seen.

[part title="Marcelo"]

4.Marcelo, crooked grind, Rome. 2002.


[part title="Hill bomb Tenerife"]

5. Hill bomb Tenerife 2003.