Grizzly bears mark their territory to warn others that this territory already has an owner... Torey Pudwill, kickflip.

[part title="Guy Mariano"]


I started skating in 1990 and at the time I was 11 years old... One day I watched Ban This at a friend's house before going skating, and it was the first time I saw Guy Mariano. I remember how I thought it was that a little kid just like me was doing things I'd never seen done on a skateboard. He's been my favorite skater ever since.

20 years later,  I got a chance to show him around Barcelona and shoot some photos.

One day we went to Forum, one of the city's most famous spots. I've been there countless times but Guy saw a spot where others usually see nothing but a wall and easily did his sick bs ollie over the channel gap.

Thanks Guy, was a good day!

[part title="Kenny Anderson"]  


Whatever you do in life, do it with style... Kenny knows.  Here's the powerslide from the Pretty Sweet line Enrique Mayor filmed.

[part title="Eric Pettersson"]

Eric Pettersson


Eric is basically the Houdini of our skateboarding world. He's like a magician. The tricks he can do, his imagination and how he does them always blows me away. Add a good spot to the mix and you get something like this...  360 flip to fakie over the channel gap.


I always liked shooting photos of what is actually happening. In fact I started taking photography seriously when wandering the streets I'd see scenes or things that looked like a picture in my head. Then I began carrying a camera with me, and I ended up working on this.

In this photo you can see what was happening behind the scenes while Stevie Perez was doing this front shuv nosegrind for Pretty Sweet.