1. Lucas Puig, switch heel flip shove it, Hyères circa 2000:

1 lucas

Lucas has been stylish since day one. I guess he came to my hometown skatepark for a demo or a contest, and we shot this. Switch bitch !

[part title="Bastien Salabanzi"]

2. Bastien Salabanzi, backside 180, Barcelona 2001:

2 bastien

At the time Bastien was shooting for a Thrasher interview and man was he was going for it!

That day he went on a photo mission with Antton Miettinen, who had been kind enough to let me shoot a second angle.

With only 4 photos left on my roll, Bastien managed to land this beast in 3 tries. For the record, my mate Baptiste Myszor filmed it with Bastien's camera set up on my 10 euro tripod...

Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Bastien asking me if I still had this shot to use it, because the lab fucked up or lost Antton's film...

That was the first time ever I had a photo published in a magazine.

[part title="Flo Mirtain"]

3. Flo Mirtain, halfcab flip drop in, New York 2009:


For his first time in NYC, Flo came with me on a 5Boro trip as a guest. He was so psyched to skate the big apple he would put down  hammers with no filmer around. That was the case that day, luckily some kids filmed it and the footage is still on youtube. Go check this out here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK1L8mabL_Q

[part title="Fred Mortagne"]

4. Fred Mortagne, Lyon 2010:

4 Fred

One of the most influential person in the skate video/photo game. Fred's got a crazy sharp eye, he will always find a different angle and make the difference, no matter the camera.

[part title="Mark Gonzales"]

5 Mark Gonzales, ollie, Lyon 2012:

5 the gonz

This year adidas celebrates 15 years of supporting The Gonz, so this photo came to my mind. Going to the south of France by car, Mark stopped by Lyon to visit his long time friend Jérémie Daclin and we went skating for a few hours.

Shooting Mark Gonzales is so epic, you never know what's going to happen !