Alain Saavedra is one of the gnarliest and motivated skaters I know. I shot this noseblunt drop in for a Vans ad in 2010, when he just started to skate for that brand. We were in the car going to some random spot when suddenly he told us to stop the car because he had seen something skateable. When he told me that he wanted to do a trick into this huge bank I was a little bit scared for him to be honest, but knowing the type of beast he his, I still felt like he could pull it off.

[part title="Axel Tricavelli kickflip"]


As skateboarders, we are always looking for new spots to skate. Me being a skater as well as a photographer means that when I see this kind of big planetary structure I can't help but imagine how cool it could look if someone skated it. The day I shot this kickflip the session was already over when we suddenly ran into this big Saturn-like sculpture. At the begining I remember that Axel was not really in the mood for flying out of it, but I kept convincing him to juts try a couple of times. It would have been a shame to waste such a great sky and spot. It ended being one of my favorite shots of all time!

[part title="Dani Monzón ollie"]


Dani Monzón is a real street warrior. The first time that he tried this ollie he took a really bad fall and hit his head falling from this bank to the road all the way down. He was a little worried so we went to the nearest hospital so he could get an MRI. Two hours later, when the doctors told him that everything was ok, we went back to the spot and landed this ollie first try. Pretty epic.

[part title="David Fernandez "]


When you really want to land a trick you don´t care about bloody elbows, you just care about the trick landed. David Fernandez battles for his trick in Tenerife island.

[part title="Lizard King"]


Broken boards are a bummer. This was the end of Lizard King's session during the Supra team's recent visit to Madrid. I like this shot because it represents that moment when you are pissed off because the session is over for you.