I've chosen a few images from some older trips that I was fortunate enough to have been on, I've picked them more for the memories that they carry with them than the actual images specifically. But hopefully that doesn't affect your viewing pleasure too much.

– Alex


[part title="Michel Mahringer"]


The Linz guys were all pretty sure it's been done before so I don't think it ran. Such is skate-protocol. Either way it's still gnarly as fuck.

[part title="Danijel Stankovic"]


The then videomeister was Adam Mondon, he's perched right below me in this picture which, looking back now having gotten to know Mondon a little more, seems unlikely, as it was sketchy as fuck up there. He rides a Harley now so maybe deep down he's always been wild at heart.

[part title="Sam and Dallas"]


[part title="Jeff Grosso"]


The trip actually ended up being essentially a whole host of Haslam demos – on a tour that had been sold as a demo free – and photo ops of the others were not exactly forthcoming, until we got to this small vert ramp at the end of one day where Grosso helped me out with this expertly stalled number.