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Out of all the categories featured in this year's Bright European Skateboard Awards, the decision for Rookie Of The Year was by far the easiest one to make. Basically no one else stood a chance. We aren't allowed to give you numbers but the Norwegian am won by a landslide of votes from the industry. In fact some of us here at the office reckon he could have taken it even if he was up for European Skater Of The Year. Why? That's what you are about to find out (or be reminded of) in this article. To do so we looked at everything he put out in 2013 and divided it into 3 categories: video parts, magazine coverage and tours. What a year!

[part title="Video Parts"]

Everyone knows how hard it is to film a full part. If you skate the chances are you've already asked one of your friends to film you doing a trick and are aware of how hard it is to collect enough of them to fill an entire song. It takes years and years for most pros to produce a section they are happy with and that's how the Fully Flareds of our beloved industry always end up getting pushed back.  This is the exactly why everyone was so blown away by the fact that Karsten had the opener of Element Europe's Hold It Down as well as his banging three and a half minute part in Norwegian indie video 0slo 5. For some practically unknown kid from Norway to put out two sections of this caliber in one year simply didn't make sense. Not to mention that Element edit of him skating Spitsbergen...

Karsten Kleppan - Hold It Down


Karsten Kleppan - Oslos 5


Element Wolfeboro Authentech - Spitsbergen, Norway

[part title="Magazine Coverage"]

Karsten is definitely one of the Skaters who we had the most photos of in the mag last year. Here are 13 shots spanning from his Expand released in January to the contents of our December issue and including everything he got the 3 Element Europe trips (Berlin, Morocco and SF) he went on as well as Lakai Europe's recent Sicilian mission.

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webss smith




webKarsten switch5050




frontside 50-50


backside boneless


switch 50-50













[part title="Tours"]

Although Karsten spent most of 2013 on the road (as you can probably tell from the previous page), a lot of the footage he managed to gather ended up going towards his section in Element Europe's Hold It Down rather than online tour edits. That being said he still had some incredible stuff in Lakai's The French Flare as well as in Element's Enduring Freedom San Francisco clip.

Lakai - The French Flare Tour


Element - Enduring Freedom