Featured image Yoan Taillandier skitching by Romain Cailleaud

Whilst doing some research for this post we came across an article that Leo had written for the Magenta site, so we hit him up to answer a few questions about one of his favourite skateboarding pastimes.

What or who inspired you to try skitching?

It was really the Traffic 'Via' video that came out in 2006. I remember tripping out on how sick Ricky Oyola, Rich Adler, Mark Wetzel and their crew looked while getting so much speed skitching cars in Philadelphia.

What type of vehicles are the best?

You can really skitch anything, from a cute bike girl, to a sports car or a tourist bus. It really depends on who the driver of that vehicle is. It's interesting to see different reactions from different people. Some of them get really upset and brake straight away, some of them are very confused and try to act like they don't see you, some of them will give you the thumbs up and take you for a ride...

My friend Mike tried to skitch an old Peugeot or something; his hand got stuck in the wheel fender while the driver started to gain speed.

What's the sketchiest experience you've had sketching?

One day I was with my friend Mike and he tried to skitch an old Peugeot or something; his hand got stuck in the wheel fender while the driver started to gain speed. It was pretty scary...

Best city for skitching?

San Francisco is great for skitching cars uphill! Tokyo is the worst though, the Japanese almost always brake when they see you holding on to their vehicle...

Any tips?

Just always skitch with the vehicle in front of you. You have more control on pushing yourself away from the car and don't get rolled over that way.

Anything else people should be aware of when skitching?

Avoid pulling multiple friends with your other hand unless you want to leave some skin on a wheel fender.

Who’s the skitching master?

I guess we can agree that this would be Ricky Oyola. He's the boss of skating in traffic in general!

You only need to type 'skitching' into your browser's search bar to be met with stories of injuries and often deaths from skitching attempts gone awry. It therefore seems sensible for us to this video which features Dave Abair giving some informed advice on the topic. Be careful out there.

A classic bit of skitching from The Gonz in Real's 1997 video 'Non-Fiction'.

Ricky Oyola is one of the leading advocates of what might best be described as a confrontational style of street skating, and the skaters he assembled for his Traffic team are no different. 'Via' showcases the likes of Ricky, Rich Adler and Mark Wetzel moving in traffic, weaving through pedestrians and skitching cars.

Piro Sierra is a beast, not many can play in traffic with such confidence or indeed style.

You read his words earlier in the post, so here's Leo Valls knocking out a two wheeled powerslide whilst hitching a ride.

If you follow the Dime Instagram account you'll know the guys enjoy skitching sports cars. Here's Antoine Asselin getting a boost courtesy of some Italian muscle.

Another from Real's 'N0n-Fiction', this time legendary street styler Quim Cardona makes use of public transport.

More Colin Read captured radness on the streets of NYC - seems like the general rule of thumb is 'if it moves it's getting skitched!'

By no means the gnarliest, but a brilliant way to end a seminal section from one of the finest to ever do it - hitching a ride back up the hill ready to bomb back down again.

skitching Dill Cherry

Jason Dill skitches the car of an admirer in Supreme's video 'Cherry'. Sorry we can't post the footage, you'll have to go out and buy it.