varial flips

The varial flip is seeing somewhat of a renaissance of late - a trick that was previously considered an ugly child's trick has now become perfectly acceptable to knock out in a line. This is thanks in part to practitioners such as Jordan Trahan, pictured above, and the way skateboarding exists in the present moment as a hybrid mishmash of all eras at once.

We decided to pull together a selection of our favourite V Bomb droppers from over the years to celebrate the acceptance of this once frowned upon trick.

Jordan Trahan V Bomb Gif

One of the finest modern practitioners of the varial flip, Jordan Trahan blasts one over an L.A street.

Toby Shaull V Bomb Gif

A man who is up there with the most stylish skaters the UK has produced - Toby Shaull drops a bomb over a grit bin in Landscape's Portraits.

Tim O'Connor V Bomb Gif

Doesn't get much better than this - Tim O'Connor incorporates the varial flip and its nollie variation into a Love Park line.

Javier Sarmiento V Bomb Gif

The switch varial flip wouldn't be many people's choice for a line starter, but this casual as you like example from Javier Sarmiento is an absolute peach.

Alex Carolino V Bomb Gif

Number one Chief Poppa! Alex Carolino powers through a nollie varial flip from the LORDZ classic They Don't Give a Fuck About Us.

Van Wastell V Bomb Gif

Van Wastell could do very little wrong on a skateboard. One of the things he did particularly well was the varial flip - just check the catch.

Nate Jones V Bomb Gif

If you were to ask most people to name a favourite varial flip there's a good chance most would say Nate Jones in Real to Reel, so here it is.

Mike Carroll V Bomb

This nollie varial flip from Modus Operandi was one of the first examples that came into our heads when putting this post together - and like most things involving Mike Carroll and skateboards it's beautiful.

Matt Field V Bomb Gif

During researching this post we began to wonder whether there was some sort of varial flip initiation for the I Path team - so many of their riders had banging ones! Here Matt Field floats one over a traffic cone in Non Fiction.

BA V Bomb Gif

Boom! Brian Anderson thunders through a lesser seen fakie varial flip to close his Yeah Right section.