Favorite skateboards release their first full-length "Daggers"

Pics: Leo Preisinger | Words: Jan

Favorite Daggers full-lenth released! Favorite skateboards out of around Munich have just put their first full-length flick “Daggers" online. Some of you might not be familiar with the names on the team, but rest assured, Valentin Ott, Thomas Eckert, Patrick Freitag, Michel Funke, Mario Ungerer and Daniel Ledermann have put in the work!

The premiere in Munich and also the Berlin premiere at Magnet Bar not too long ago were a blast… so if you're looking for couple of healthy bangers, speed and unique styles to warm your legs for some jumping of your own and hype you up for your day out in the streets, Daggers might be just your fix.

Berlin ripper, lanky Valentin Ott starts things of with smooth, powerful style and snappy pop, and sets the tone for the next 35+ minutes. This is just broken up by Austrian Patrick Freitag, slightly, who brings his concrete park and tranny shredding to the table.

The last two parts belong to Munich's Mario Ungerer and Daniel Ledermann of Marijuth Crew fame. Both are equally amazing in what they do. Mario with speed and clout and some mean rail manoeuvres. Daniel on the other hand seems fearless on any gap, hauling ass on tech-moves and going the distance – all with a style of his own.

All that said, just go ahead and see for yourself, Favorite's “Daggers" is definitely worth a go!

Favorite Daggers Munich premiere
favorite daggers Berlin premiere at magnet bar