It was late at night in Hollywood, Los Angeles, when I turned my cock-head internet phone on and opened up a world of pain.

Two days previous I had sporadically decided to duck out to America for a holiday, so by the time I had settled in on the wrong side of the Atlantic I had a few emails from friends asking me to bring them back cheeseburgers, hand guns and a few other all- American must- haves. Last but not least I had one amusing message in my trash mail from an American Pump company ensuring me I could extend my ding-a-ling for $29.95.

Whilst pondering how strong the Pound was a slightly feared work- orientated email decided to pop up on my mini computer-machine screen. I opened the bastard up and to cut a long email short it pretty much read "How’s it going Lev? Just heard that you are in the Yank with Benny. We're looking for Fabrizio Santos. Any chance you could find him and interview him pronto?"

The random as fuck email seemed even weirder due to Californian hydroponic reasons. Attached was Fabrizio's email so I sent him over a quick message saying that I was in town and would he mind meeting up and answering a few questions to finish up his interview. I left him with my mate's number thinking I would probably be back in England by the time he had got back to me. Two days later in October it was 102 degrees for some hyper-global warming reason and 'the Breeze' was headed over to my friend Pilemaker's house to answer a few questions.

So Fabrizio: I've done some research on the old Google machine, and it turns out you'er from Brazil, right?


Go back often?

Yes, around once in a year, usually.

But right now you 're living in Orange County, right?

Yeah. I live with my wife and two daughters in Costa Mesa.

What's one of those 'day in the life' everyday day's like for you, then?

Everyday I wake up around nine, take the kids to school. Chill out for a bit then go skate around 3.

So it's mellow days then!

Yeah, mellow days (laughs)!

What about inspirations when you're at home, or, to put it another way: what hypes you up on a day to day basis?

My family, God, all my friends and the young kids that are new with skating and always super hyped.

So what's the massive differences between mellow days skating in Brazil and America?

For me, in Brazil I skate purely for the love of skateboarding… in America its pretty much Business.

You got to be more on top of things over here, right?

Exactly. In Brazil I just loved skateboarding, in America I'm like a 'business' man.

Who's you favourite Brazilian skateboarder at the moment?

Luan De Oliveira. He's a new Flip Am. That kid is amazing, just amazing. He's 17, and just won the Goofy versus Regular comp.

What about if you had to choose 3 Brazilian guys to enter skateboarding in the Olympics? If it ever actually fucking happens, that is?

Luan De Oliveira, of course, Fabio Cristiano and Cesar Gordo.

What videos get you inspired at the minute?

(Laughs) Man, that's a good question. I'm gonna say old Plan B video's.

Any new videos?

Yeah, actually- the new Oakley video! Its good times to see everybody sessioning together.

Where's your favourite country skateboarding has taken you and made you think, "fucking hell WOW I can't believe I'm here, this place is amazing"? Ha, China for sure. Shanghai is amazing, just amazing. Everything is like marble and you can skate everywhere, I was there for like 3 weeks on a skate trip. What about your favourite country in Europe for skating? Spain is my favourite place in Europe to skate, oh yeah and Lyon. Lyon for me is pretty much the best city to skate.

Ok then, can I ask you a few LA rumour based questions? Shoot. First of all I heard you started a board company. What brought that on?

Yeah I did. Its called Forest. At the moment I'm pretty much putting the team together. I always wanted to start a board company, because I want to be involved in skateboarding forever. I never really had the time or funds to do anything before.

Was it hard sorting shit out and putting a team together?

It was really hard to pick a team! When you first start nobody believes you, because there are so many companies. So it was kinda hard to pick it up, but now its cool.

Who are some of the believers you got riding for you?

Me, Andrew Soptich, Jason Jones, Amy Caron.

(Laughs) Actually that’s true. It was back in the day, about 3 years ago… this guy I know who's friends with the owner of Oakley was like 'Hey I'm going to see Snoop Dog- wanna come?' I'm like "yeah, ok"- not believing him.

Then I'm all at Snoop Dog's house chilling for two hours. He had, like, a LOT of people around him.

Like a Long Beach gangster entourage?


Wowzers! That ties up a few loose ends. Fancy a good old sponsor list to finish things off?

-Yeah sure: I ride for Forest skateboards, Icon board shop, Destructo, Bones and Oakley.

Any last words?

I always thank God for letting me be here in America skateboarding. Also thanks to my family, my daughters and my friends.

Living the dream, right?

Exactly, keep the dream alive.