If no one’s down to help you, quit moaning, pick up a shovel and a trowel, get a mix going and take measures into your own hands. Because in the end, who other than yourself knows better what you want? This main principle of masturbation also holds truth for DIY skate spot building.

DIY spots have come a long way, and since the first projects mushroomed all over the continent about ten years ago, many people have picked up amazing skills and have gone incredibly professional in shaping (their) dreams. Some projects that started out little have grown to enourmous size, some illegal sites have earned legal status, even public funding.

Nevertheless, in times of standartized TF’s of Olympic qualities DIY spots out there remain shelters  havens of freedom, refuges for true skateboarding spirit. This list is supposed to be an ode to some of those places; no particular order. Feel free to send additions or suggestions, and please make sure to go visit as many as you can. Skate and create!

Chet 2er on fire

2er, Hanover

2er (=the 2stair) started as not much more than a curb and a tiny quarterpipe – the name being some kind of codeword suggesting to be really uninteresting to those not in the know. Those days are long gone, with priming from the very first Builders’ Jam todays 2er – now legal and with state funding – is a flourishing potpourri, a wonderland of skateable shapes and objects. 2er Crew is also home to building company Yamato Livingramps and Endboss Projects who have been elegible for projects like the epic built in India or Bolivia. The crew’s "2er On Fire" infamous summerfest in late August should be booked in your festival planner.

Martin Ottosson Backside Smith Steppen, Nils Svensson

Steppen, Malmö

An epitome of European DIY culture. Steppen resulted from various previous builts the Malmö locals had put up and turned into a bit of Mecca for a while. Not easy to skate. Even more so amazing whenever you get to watch someone who’s got the lines figured out; quite a treat. The bowl piece here was actually made from concrete company’s leftovers! "Hey, do you need a place to dump extra concrete…?"

David, Backside Crail, Steppen, Nils Svensson
Sam Partaix Yann Horrowitz double Mellow Park Berlin

Mellow Park, Berlin

Another famous Berlin DIY started by the Betonhausen crew and brought to finalisation with the help of Kingpin within the Set In Stone series. Mellowpark on the outskirts of Berlin adjacent the river Spree also serves as a perfect place to spend a summer weekend, with tons of wooden miniramps in all shapes and sizes, a vert ramp, some street obstacles – all sorts of leftovers from European skate and BMX events that the Mellow crew helped building – an indoor bit, lots of green and the river to jump in for a cool down. Always worth a visit.

Jarne Verbruggen Fr_Crailslide_NotSharpened_AdobeRGB_8444

Mechelen, Belgium

I don’t think it gets much better than Mechelen: Top dudes, creative designs, sick skaters, raging parties.

This place must be on one of those "places you should visit before your wheels fall off" lists. Endless options, endless fun.

Spotter by Roger Ferrero

Spotter, BCN

This one is fairly fresh, the first photos we’ve seen on insta are not even three months old. Even more amazing to see what the locals around legend, Marcos Gomez have been able to get going in such a short time. Looks like there is endless fun to be had here – plus tons of space to add new features.

Thanks to BCN being the skateboarding Mecca it is amazing skaters keep popping by on the regular. #spotterdiybcn


Lucas Puig, Dalavas

Dalavas, Toulouse

Minimalistic maybe, yet Dalavas offers everything a street skater needs. From BCN styled benches to bumps or banks to slide on. Also due to the eclectic pack of locals, Dalavas footy never lets you down and always leaves you craving for a session there. Sometimes less is more.

Who needs oververt bowl corners when you can do curb lines all day with verve, throwing a finger or two like Lucas Puig and the rest of the lot.

Mr. Wilson overview Pic Heise

Mr. Wilson, Cassel

Mr. Wilson is more or less part of an official skatepark. However, especially the outdoor section was built with a lot of DIY spirit. After a good year in building, the yard adjacent the indoor bit was completed just in time for the local skateboard association’s 25th birthday – including a skateable pizza oven! A rad place for a shred.

Port Land Basel bowl-overview

Port Land, Basel

Port Land in Basel is the Phoenix that arose from the ashes of the infamous black cross bowl. And it’s safe to say, Port Land lives up to its heritage.

David wallride, Darwin, Nils Svensson

Darwin, Bordeaux

Darwin is a project in lovely Bordeaux. It’s placed inside an in an old industrial compound and surrounded by all sorts of artistry, creatives, semi-alternative, semi-hip cafés and bars. Definitely a sick place for a laid back diy-session.


Adi Good, Beast

The Beast, Zurich

Beast, Zurich
Gilbert Crocket New Bird, Liverpool

New Bird, Liverpool

A bit rough and odd here and there, but New Bird deserves a place in this list. If you can make there you can make it anywhere…

Vogel, backside-smith,-Spoff

Spoff, Vienna

Vienna is a special place and so are the Vienna people. So under these circumstances if you think hardcore DIY you evidently end up with this: Spoff!

Spoff is direct, straight to the face – in attitude and in style of skating.

Hullet Chris Russel Frontside air by DailyGrind.se

Hullet, Copenhagen

Prominently featured in the dope H-clip series, Hullet is one for the hesh at heart. Blood Wizard /Bacon aproved, this steep ass bowl somewhere out in the green is known for its pool coping slickness. Have a bite.


Wörgl, Austria

Seven years deep Wörgl DIY has gone proper professional with every annual addition. Still there is plenty of ground to be covered in concrete, so whenever there is a bit of money scraped together, the Tyrol crew around Muckefuck/Pilotto shop gets busy. Nowhere near stopping!


Flora Bowl, Hamburg

Last but not least, Hamburg’s Flora bowl also belongs to the more gnarly DIY spots out there. Many years and multiple additions and modifications down its belt, this organically grown bowl behind squatted "Rote Flora" house in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel definitely has put on some patina – straight into the DIY history books.