This one is probably the craziest 10 Tricks edit we ever released. He may not be the only one to have done all 10 (11 in his case) in a line, John Tanner even did it "in the streets" but it's definitely the one that shows the most control, precision and consistency. Youness is a machine.

Phil Parker is too underrated. Someone who can film fisheye bowl lines should seriously take this kid to Marseille or Burnside or something...

The Swede who did the Suciu move before Suciu.

You know you can't go wrong with footage of Pontus at TBS. It's just as good as seeing JB push at Hotel De Ville  Marcus McBride fly over the manual pad at Pier 7.

I wonder if Dom Henry chose not to include Pontus in his "Stomping Grounds: 10 'Local Spot' Sections" article because it's a DIY spot and not a "real" street spot... Who knows, maybe he just ran out of space.

The no comply champ!

Love seeing footage of this guy.