Louis Taubert is the man! The calm, humble and collected chap he is, he lets his strong and explosive skating do most of the talking. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s got things to say and opinions to back up, just doesn’t see much need for loudspeaking; the true northern kind…

Hey Louis! Congrats for getting on the DVS Europe team. Sick to see heads outside of Germany notice your quality shredding. What do you think was the crucial factor for you to get on? Did you smash it so hard noon the on the Planes, Trains & Automobiles tour that they didn't have a choice? Well, I’ve been riding DVS shoes for very long already; seven years all in all. First as a flow rider, then I “slept my way up" and got more stuff… this is the next logical step I guess. Philipp (Schmidt; DVS distributor) put in a good word for me, and when DVS wasn’t doing so well for a hot minute, he told me to hang in there, that there was this big tour planned and a spot for me on it. Now that Paul (Shier) is the TM – a European – I think my cards are even better; I mean, I had skated with the Americans a few times already when they came through Germany.

Before I always felt DVS to be a very LA based team. This seems to have changed. Do you feel more at home the way things are now? Did you feel welcomed on the tour? I really like the new direction the team has taken. It’s somewhat more international, there are new characters that help shape a new face. I think the way we’re headed is pretty sick. The vibe on tour was super dope. It was my first time on such a big trip though so it took a good bite out of me, I felt pretty drained towards the end. But yeah, Paul is doing a sick job.

So what’s the deal then? It's Adrien Coillard and you for now as the two guys on the Euro team? Or do they even have this category still? Sure, they do. Adrien and I are getting better support. For the moment it’s just us two, Flo (Mirtain) is on the global team. We get to go on tours and I’m sure there will be the odd trip or event coming up.

Can you imagine ever getting bumped to the US team? Well, the thing I’m sure of is that I want to keep doing my thing here in Berlin; this is how I like skateboarding to be. This is fun to me. California is not my cup of tea; maybe SF… but all in all I prefer skating in Germany or Europe.

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You’re former German champion (of the C.O.S. Cup series). Could you imagine ever entering a Street League comp? No, never. I didn’t even skate one C.O.S. Cup this year. I’m really over it, to be honest. Sure, the money you can make there used to come in handy, and if I’d wanted to I probably still could do well in contests – but it’s just not what I envision skateboarding to be about.

What do you think of Street League in general? Do you think this is the future? More the contrary. I think it’s all been a big hype, in the States some big sponsors jumped on the bandwagon, but within the skate scene more and more people are really over it. For sure this is how it is here in Berlin, it’s all really “core" and down to earth. This is how I like it.

And if skateboarding ever went olympic? I’m sure you as a German champ would surely have a foot in the door… Nah, they’d have to find someone else!

Why do you think there aren’t more riders from Germany on the international DVS team? Well, that’s the old subject-matter: German skateboarding – any way to save us? The stigmata of not producing the most stylish skaters on earth has caught on for many years now; rightly so in many cases. However, I think – especially looking at some the younger guys here in Berlin – things are changing.

Right now you’re studying primary school pedagogy, you’re helping at Anker Rampen (park building company) and you kill it on your board. You’re immediate future is looking pretty bright if you ask me. That’s right. I do my thing at Uni, even though I’m a bit behind and I have to redo some exams. Then I’m helping with the design at Anker and go to their sites to work whenever I need money during semester break. Other than that I’m trying to push this South Africa project I’m involved with. I’m collecting boards whenever I can and donate them to organisations in poor neighbourhoods down there, I do workshops and build the odd ramp with the kids. It’s been four years now that I’m getting this off the ground and it’s growing little by little. I’m just very convinced that skateboarding can make a big change especially in these kind of places.

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Why South Africa? Initially Anker was supposed to build a park there. That didn’t pan out, but instead I really fell in love with the country – more precisely with a girl over there, and ended up going back and forth the following years. Been there five times now… however, by now we’ve come to terms that a long way relationship over 10.000 km isn’t good for neither of us and put the relationship on hold… sensitive subject! Nevertheless, I love going there on trips; I just wouldn’t wanna live there: too much adversity, too little education and too dangerous! That’s why I try to counteract with our project.

Regarding your part: You’ve filmed it with Lucas (Fiederling), right? Right. It’s footage from the last two years, some of it from South Africa trips we did. I only went out and filmed a few enders and did two more missions. Still, I think it turned out nicely. At least I can fully say that for Lucas’ part of the job!

Do you have any other immediate plans with DVS? What are your next steps on the board? I think Paul is taking the team to Mallorca in January…

…as if! Is he keeping the Blueprint winter escape trip-legacy going with the DVS team now?! Haha, looks like it. He mentioned there might be a spot for me on the trip. I do have to kill it at Uni more, but for sure I’d never pass on a few sunny days of skating Mallorca in January.