Rune Glifberg, Palma de Mallorca a other video by kingpin

Nothing beats finding and skating a dream spot. You sit there in awe for a second, only then to skate for hours without a break. During gasps for breath you shake your head in disbelief that some landscape architect had the cheek to slip such a skateable gem through the gaps of bureaucracy.

Tile by tile some mosaic master created an undulating beast of a colourful snake run in Palma de Mallorca (Plaza Bellver).


If there was a book dedicated to dream spots, surely this would be on the cover. Take me there now please.



Funny how you will rarely see a design this interesting at a skatepark; yet it can occur “naturally" in a street environment.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 14.13.50

You may remember this gem from the Popwar era. Can’t really go wrong with a white marble bank down a small set. 

DreamSpots_0005_shanghai black banks photo from insta jmartsjaunt

Cough. Splutter. Headshake. Are you serious? The skate gods must have some kind of living quarters based directly over China.

From the Ride Channel's SKATE Shanghai edit that you can watch in full HERE.


Guy Mariano, frontside ollie.

Really a dream spot doesn’t get any more cred than to appear in Lance Mountain’s brilliant performance from The Bones Brigade Video Show.

DreamSpots_0007_morrison hill satva

This bike track for weirdos makes for one of the funnest spots on the planet. Fang town.

Some footage of Zered Bassett and Forrest Kirby skating the spot in Zoo's City Of Killers video:

hamburg main

The “banks" at this school in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg have seen their fair share of shredding over the decades, yet never cease to amaze. The red brick waves come in various shapes and sizes and will hopefully stay a fun four-wheel-surfing spot for more years to come.

Fun fact: in the mid-nineties this spot had a little hiatus, as it was deemed as too dangerous after rumors spread that skaters had gotten tangled up in local gang rivalries… Luckily those days are now long gone – which only means: Clinker’s up, brah!


A massive planning failure in China has lead to one of the most curious destinations that skateboarding has to offer: The Ghost City.

DreamSpots_0001_taipei 1

As this city expands at a colossal rate, spots are no doubt popping up on a daily basis. Taipei is home to many unique arrangements.