Corks are popping for the champagne of skateboarding, otherwise known as the CPH Open, the skate event that couldn’t possibly happen anywhere else in the world without getting shut down within minutes.

5 days of skateboarding from some of the best in the game kicked off with the biggest crowd ever seen mobbing the Faelledparken. Oververt sections and backside face slaps seen by the world via instagram was even more insane in the cold light of real life as Rune, Raven and Grant Taylor defied logic and the laws of physics to open the skate festival with lines that laughed in the face of sensibility.

Day 1 Photo Recap

Day 2 Photo Recap

Thursday took it 80s old school at Lithauens Plads with plexi glass quarters, kickers and OG boardslide rails before a slappy and wallride attack in the meat packing district in front of another huge and up for it crowd.