All photos Joel Peck unless stated

The first day of the Copenhagen Open set the week up perfectly. So much amazing skating went down at the Fælledparken skatepark.

From the young locals ripping all over the park, to more familiar names of Raven Tershy, Rune Glifberg and Sam Beckett smashing it in the big bowl. The AM contest in the street section and the best trick through a flaming heart - it was a pretty hectic day with a serious amount of good skateboarding.

Official events for the day were The Boardr AM and a jam in the big bowl - here's some photos from the day to give you an idea of what went down.

Boardr AM Results

Bowl Jam results


Rune Glifberg doing it for the crowds on familiar territory.


Ville Wester styling a back smith during The Boardr AM comp.


Raven Tershy was charging all afternoon, you've probably seen this ollie over the channel on Instagram. Pretty damn gnarly.


Nassim Guammaz was one of the best dudes to watch all afternoon, speed, style and dope tricks.


Christian Elizondo with a beauty of a hardflip over the driveway.


Rune Glifberg catches his breath during the Bowl session.


Andrew Brophy rocked up and kickflipped through the heart of fire.


The Heart of Fire session saw some pretty dramatic bails.


It's a pretty obvious statement, but Luan really is an incredible skateboarder. Watching him in person is something else.