This week Kingpin managed to track down Conhuir Lynn for a quick chat. The only person to get smuggled into the Glastonbury festival in a wooden box, as far as we know.

Here's what one of Ireland's finest had to say:

I can’t get enough...ciggs and beer

I feel pressure when...i HAVE to skate not when i WANT to skate

Life is hard...when the moneys tight

Life is good...when things run smoothly

When times are tight…lay low and cut out the spendature

The reason I because not much is worth loving !

The reason I love! because u cant hate everything

The greatest moment of my life….being born

My ultimate motivation is...led zeppelin

My biggest fear is...loosing my legs !

When the working day is done...time for a beer

Before I die I want to…have a board with my name on it

This is Conhuir's section off of the Up the Rebels video brought out in 2004. More Skateboarding Videos >>