Cold Cash: Vienna's Spoff Club crew facing some unexpected "Cold Cash"; spent soleley on good times! The Spoff club went all in to put those bills to best use, literally went for broke with smart investments! All boxes checked with an epic impromptu contest, beers, bags of concrete, tools, a new spot, even useless safety equipment to joke around with. Equals: Good times had! Shit, how could you get any more fun out of €500,-?!

Spoff club: Wolfi, Frido, Elias, Mat, Rocco, Fuchsl…

Friends: Mario, Schuster, Binder, Muki, Luki, Ante, Ben, Schörghofer, Pasch, Jackson

Film/edit: Paul Labadie (additional filming: Frido Fiebinger, Elias Assmuth)

The Cold Cash format is simple: Select crews get a €500,- budget to spend on whatever floats their boat. Single requirement: Document the good times rolling!

Got good plans to waste money with your crew? Hit us up and leave a comment!

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