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Chima Ferguson Interview – Sex, Hood, Skate & The Vans Video

Portrait by Sam Ashley

Enjoying the amenities of endless summers, hopping hemispheres back and forth from his native Sydney, OZ to Southern California, Real skateboards’ Chima Ferguson stopped by the House of Vans for a quick visit and some BESA fun recently. We took the chance to catch up with him and get some insights on the highly anticipated upcoming Vans movie, his random cameo in Ian Reid’s infamous opus and his love of video games. 

Interview by Jan Kliewer and Will Harmon

Chima, welcome to Berlin. How was your journey?
Well, it took me about 34 hours door to door. Plus, coming from the Australian summer I forgot how cold the German winter was going to be and didn’t really pack a jacket. I’m going on to LA tomorrow. I live there about eight months a year and spent most of the remaining year in Australia. I‘m a bit over the endless summer thing though…

How come, what’s wrong with it?
You know, I also like playing video games from time to time. And living in LA for the last four years without real seasons and perfect skate weather everyday, I sort of miss waking up in the morning, looking outside and be like: Thank you, it’s raining! – I’m going to sit inside today and do fucking nothing! Haha.


What’s your video game of choice?
I like to play Call of Duty on PS online. But I haven’t been back to my house in LA in four months and I pre-ordered some games before I went away. So when I get back this role play game Farcry should be in my mailbox. I’ve been waiting for that to come out for about a year, so: I’m looking very forward to playing that – I’m not really looking forward to seeing anyone over there right now. Haha. I want my bed, my PlayStation and some rain…

Understandable, assuming all of you guys on Vans must have been working pretty hard for the upcoming video. Is it done now, is the deadline up? Can you give us anymore insight?
Uhm, I’m not really sure what Greg (Hunt) wants me to say… the official deadline has past: September 15th. We then went on one last trip for everyone to fuck shit up and go crazy. So we got even more stuff. I guess right now we’re at a point where all the parts are pretty much all done, but if you really want to go out and film a last trick, you can, but if you film a line Greg will have to spend a day or to to re-edit. So, pretty much: last tricks only!
As far as I know the world premiere in LA is supposed to be on the last week of April.

Have you seen your part yet? Are you exited with what you have?
I haven’t seen any footage, no. I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so whenever I look at my footage I tend to think: I could have done better. Regarding the Vans video, I guess I’m pretty stoked at the moment, however a bit nervous due to all the hype around the video. People have been waiting for so long and you want to live up to their expectations. What I know is: I’ve brought everything I could to the table for the past five years.

Was there any particular trip that stood out throughout the filming?
There were a bunch. Pretty much any trip that Pfanner, Daniel Lutheren, Kyle Walker and our new guy Rowan (Zorilla) have been on were super good times. Some others were a bit more serious… I brought all the boys out to Sydney last year and showed them around where I‘m from. That was good fun.

Did you film a lot of tricks from your part over there in OZ? Or is most of it filmed in the US?
Not really no. Usually I like to have footage from home in my video parts. But I particularly moved to LA for this one, so it’s mainly LA.

Are you going to stay once the video is really done? Do you like living in LA?
Hmm… I like it to some extent I would say. There a lot of cool people there and some really good Mexican food, which I really like. But then you also have a whole bunch of dickheads living there; all worried about status, they network and do all this kind of bull-shit… But yeah, for now I’ll definitely stay, just because it’s so easy to skate there. Whereas when I‘m staying in Sydney that sure isn’t the case. It’s not like Melbourne, which has a bunch of good crews going out filming. In Sydney you tend to rather go to the bottle shop… to put it this way: I’m definitely not as motivated there. Sydney is good for catching up with friends, and in LA I take care of business.

We recently re-watched Ian Reid’s Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape and discovered your part in it. How did that come about?
Oh, that was through filming for Volcom’s Let’s Live. We were all staying out in New York for a bit an Ian Reid was somewhat our guide for the time. I was around 16 or 17 back then, and after we stayed in contact. So when the Volcom video was done I had all this extra footage. Ian told me about his video and asked, if I had a bit of footage I would wanna give him. And since he’d shown me all this stuff he had of hi-jinx and wild random stuff, I was like: ‘Yeah, why not?!’ I didn’t really think much of it first, but people still come up to me a ask me about it. Stoked to be in there. You have to see the behind the scenes footage though…!

I read, these days he is taking photos more, a lot of BDSM stuff.
Yeah, you should check out his instagram snitchonthis! Back when I first met him he was pretty hood. But when you look at his work now it’s all this weird fetish stuff…

…sophisticated sex photography. Pretty artsy.
Yeah man. If you into that kinda stuff, go check him out.

Haha, nice. So but before, what’s next for you then? The Vans video, and after?
I think there we’ll be starting on another Real video soon, plus I think even though Greg probably won’t wanna hear it at the moment because he’s so stressed out, Vans might go for another project right after this one, and I’d be stoked to be a part of it.
Basically I want to get two more video parts out of the way and then go back to Australia, buy a nice house and play video games for a while! That’s all I ask for, my plan in life.

Haha, perfect. Chima, good luck with that and thank you for the interview.


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