I could pretty much compile this whole list from clips of San Francisco. But we're going to spice it up a bit with Thrasher's video competition for people to send in their clips, of themselves and their mates getting some wind across the globe. How Richard Bowen (@1.35) made it out of those speed wobbles is ridiculous.

Sean Young is a master of San Francisco. Opening the legendary first video/promo from Anti Hero called 'Fucktards' with an absolutely fearless and ridiculous hill bomb in the rain and choosing to push pretty much all the way down the first one to get even more speed! The fact they had to film it from a car tells you how gnarly this is. Also this clip is worth a mention of Sean's hill bombing prowess.

Magenta have done two full length films dedicated to San Francisco, its scene and it its hills; called 'Hill Street Blues' 1 and 2 respectively (which you can buy here). But this latest clip from two of their riders and and San Fran residents Ben Gore and Leo Valls, is short sharp hit of hill bombing, skating peoples houses and skids. Dedicated to the concrete oddities that they have named 'woops', which feature on the sidewalk outside peoples house and garages, Gore and Valls achieve a fresh take on the San Franciscan hills.

Two legends, big hills, speed checks, slappies and an offensive dog make this clip a fun watch but also gaurantee itchy feet and the impulse to get to the top of a hill as soon as its done. Julien Stranger and Frank Gerwer take to the hills that they know so well (in the city and out into the countryside). Not advisable to watch on a rainy day as you'll probably go out seriously injure yourself.

Journey to Skate Boulder from Samuel Coodley, is one of the most original pieces of skate videography to ever emerge. From the beautiful scenery that surrounds the skater Clay Shank, to the size of the paved hills and the mountains/rocks he bombs and carves. If you live in a city, town or suburbia this will leave you feeling an ache for the great outdoors and taking your board with you. Speed and adventure are key to this clip. Check Clay's latest output entitled 'Costal Native' here.