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“World Star!” – 8 Memorable Fights From Skate Videos

As entertaining as the following videos may be, we’d like to make it very clear that we are not condoning the violent behavior they feature. Skaters are no different from anyone else, they can get carried away and do stupid shit (both alone and in groups), so no matter how much context we think we have about a story, we’ll refrain from passing any kind of judgment.

Basically kids, don’t try this at home. Unless maybe if you are in a situation like this one (from Red Dragon’s RDS – FSU)…

1. Pulaski Fight

People might remember the fight scene in Larry Clark’s Kids film in New York’s Washington Square Park. The truth is, in the nineties these types of beat downs at popular skate spots weren’t too uncommon. Not like they happened all the time, but most old locals of EMB, Love Park and Pulaski always have a story to tell about “this one time…”.

Some might remember the fight scene towards the end of Underworld Element’s Fine Artists Vol. 1. It took place at Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza a.k.a. Pulaski park. We talked to old school Pulaski local Andy Stone to get the low down on what happened that day:

It was a pretty big dude that had been roller blading on the park earlier in the day. He was trying to be a tough guy and calling the skateboarders ‘punks’ and probably talking about the clothes we were wearing, which in hindsight may have been justified. Either way, he and Eben (Jahnke) were skating towards each other, and Eben kind of flexed on him, if you know what I mean. Just raised his arms and probably said something. This dude didn’t think he had to take that stuff from some punk kids…

So, he got all upset and rolled over and got in Eben’s face. Very quickly about eight guys surrounded him. We told the dude 20 times to just leave the park and he kept saying how ‘He didn’t have to take this shit from some punk kids’ etc. so Eben knocked him on his ass. No punch, just a hard shove, but since dude had his blades on, he went down hard.

He came back like two hours later with the helmet and a 4-foot metal pole asking: ‘Where’s the big dude?’ about Eben. The footage starts about 30 seconds later. It was pretty gnarly, but dude got up and walked away, so I don’t think he got that messed up. We had run some people off before, but it never really got too violent before that time, and honestly it was his own fault for not leaving in the first place, and worse yet coming back for more punishment…

2. Fred Gall at Southbank

This clip of Freddy casually tre flipping through a group of chair chucking rude boys is gold. Can’t really imagine anything like this going down at South Bank in broad daylight nowadays…

3. Antwaun Dixon/TK Plane Brawl

This opening clip from the Deathwish Tour Video left a lot of us confused when it first came out and it wasn’t until the release of Antwuan’s Dixon’s Epicly Later’d that we were fully able to understand what went down on that plane.

Props to Beagle for being ready to whip out his camera at all times. It’s clips like these that really give the Baker/Deathwish videos their inimitable raw feel.

4. On his birthday?!

Leland Goldberg gets clocked by a mother after accidentally colliding with her kid, on his birthday. From Leland’s part in “Warm Gravy”.

5. Trainwreck/Andrew Reynolds

As an up-and-coming skateboarder there’s one thing you should never do, and that’s piss off ‘The Boss’! Particularly if he is quite literally your boss. Whether or not terrorizing a passed out Andrew Reynolds that night really cost Alex Gall his ‘career’ we’ll probably never know, but ‘Trainwreck’ certainly did disappear from the mags/videos around that time.

6. Darren Harper/Stevie Williams

Not exactly from a skate video but still had to be included. This extract from Darren Harper’s Jenkem interview is the closest thing we have to the full story:

“So what happened at Manny Mania? 

We had a clash, for the record a lot of people think Stevie kicked me off [DGK], he didn’t kick me off. We were already too cool for that, we had history. He gave me an ultimatum basically like, “Hey you need to either choose this or choose that.” It was over a shoe deal I had, and I will NOT say their name cause I canʼt stand them. But..

Itʼs Yums right? 

I canʼt…Iʼm not even agreeing with you. I canʼt stand them cats. Stevie called up and was like, “Yo that shit is wack”, which I know. I knew that but I had to do it on my own because the thing is people told me Travisʼ Famous Stars and Straps was wack. Me being who I am, I was like there are no limits with Darren Harper! I can take the worst situation and make it into the best situation. At the end of the day, I wasn’t going to let anybody close me out like that, when this thing is more about feeding my family. Basically he calls and heʼs like, “You know you need to make a choice,” and Iʼm like damn, just like that? He didn’t give me no other option like, “Hey I got something else for you.” He just called me flat out like, “Yeah. You need to make a choice,” and I didn’t like that. He basically said some things on the phone that didn’t sit well with me either, being a dude from the streets.

Any examples?
One of the things he said was like, “Who are you? You ain’t got no career, like nigga, I got a career already,” and Iʼm like, “Woah, hold up brother, you gotta understand you talking to me!” Then some of the things we went through when we were on the team kinda set in. For example, I was down in Atlanta one time and we got in a fist fight. Me and a friend of mine from D.C., we brawled with like twenty dudes in a party! Darn near the whole DGK team just stood there! I stand for loyalty, if Iʼm riding with you, we gonna rock out!

Exactly and he stands there with that big ole chain, DGK, supposed to be “Dirty Ghetto Kids” and all this ole “keeping it gangsta and all that” but you got your boy on your team fighting and they didn’t do nothing, they just stood there. They watched. I saw the punches get thrown and I had a chain on that was worth six or seven grand too, I took it off, put it around Lennyʼs neck and I went in to help my partner. And thatʼs what it was, and they just stood there.

I kinda lost respect for them a little then, but I still kept it business. You come out better when you stick together, I could have had twenty people stomping on my head, but Iʼm strong ya know and I know how to fight, that’s what I do. It’s in the past, we just had our differences and when he said something crazy on the phone, I was just like, “Okay, well Iʼma see you when I see you.” The punch or whatever, I still call it like a “pimp slap”, cause I didn’t put no weight into it. I just felt like I had to let him know, “Yo you need to calm down with the mouth bro.”

And he just has this look on his face like, “Yeah, whatever, whatever.” But It makes more sense now.
Yeah, people kind of judged it at first but it’s like, I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder professionally. I said, “Yo, what’s up? Lets holla, lets rap.” He had a friend there and it just spiraled out of control a little bit. Then the crowd came around and made it bigger then what it was too. There was all these people around and that gives me more energy. Iʼm like alright, you all aren’t about to overpower me. I donʼt give a shit how many people you with, if Iʼm going in, Iʼm going in. Then I see his partner getting all excited, so I had to let my peace be known. I donʼt take none of his credit, heʼs a legend, he’s a power house. But we also came up near the same time and Iʼve been knowing him, people donʼt understand that. You know, sometimes people see stuff and it isn’t what they think it is.

So you’re more gangster than Stevie?
Oh man, of course man. We ain’t going to say gangsta, just going to say Iʼm a stand up cat.”

7. Mike Vallely

Always good to have a Mike V around when shit hits the fan…

8. Rowley/Phelps

No idea what’s going on here. Anyone have a clue?


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