Jeremy Wray GIF Final

Jeremy Wray with what is considered to be the first up rail grind circa 1997. Jenkem spoke to Jeremy about this and the story goes that Jerry Fowler was the first to try it and got Jeremy to try it with him. There's also a dope nosegrind photo Jeremy shot with Atiba Jefferson on the same rail.

Leo Romero GIF Final

Leo Romero is probably the first name to pop into your head when you think of up rail grinds. In interviews he's said he was inspired to try them after seeing BMXers going up rails coupled with not fancying hitting them backside.

Westgate GIF Final

Alongside Leo Romero, Brandon Westage is the other guy who's really been pushing up rail tricks in modern skateboarding. There's plenty of examples we could have picked but this boardslide from his 'Zoo England' section is by far the gnarliest.

Ben Kadow Up GIF

Ben Kadow is no stranger to handling some pretty gnarly handrails, here he is in LurkNYC's video 'Strangers' taming a kinked beast the wrong way.

Donovon Piscopo Up GIF

Donovon Piscopo is another who has been moving up rail grinds forward, he knocks out a couple of combos like this boardslide 5-0 in his Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2 section.