shared sections

There's plenty of reasons why people end up sharing sections, good friends, complimentary styles, not enough having enough footage for a solo section and so on and so forth. Putting reasons aside for a moment, we've compiled some of our favourite shared sections from over the years. Enjoy.

The Wray Bros, Jeremy and Jonas, from the 1993 Spitfire Video.  Owing to a misplaced camera all of Jeremy and Jonas' original footage for this video was lost, leading them to re-film their section in one day.

A dope shared part of the then Santa Cruz pairing of Alex Carolino and Flo Marfaing shutting down a lot Europe's famous spots.

If this doesn't get you hyped to go and skate you should probably give up now. "Tiltmode Army, bitch!"

Not the lizards who live in Buckingham Palace, but Danny Brady and Nick Jensen doing more for Britain than the Royals ever have.

If you asked people to name their favourite skateboarding double act AVE and Dill would probably crop up in most people's lists. Here they are in Transworld's Feedback from 1999.

Two legends in a seminal video, couldn't really leave this one out.

Bringing us right up to date, a shared section from the best full-length video in a while, The Sour Solution. The frontside and backside flip enders at the same spot seal the deal.

Crashing a van into things, arson, David Bowie... Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein's section from The End really has it all.

Two of skateboarding's best styles together in FTC's 1996 classic, 'Penal Code'.

"We sat in the back seat together, and it's been twelve years". Gerwer and Hewitt from Anti Hero's instant classic, 'Destination Unknown'.