This one is comedy gold. Without needing to make any footage of his own or do some cheesy acting, Manolo's "PRETTY SOFT" remix of the Girl/Chocolate full length video "Pretty Sweet", utilises the over-use of slow-mo, high-fives and emotional shots of Brandon Biebel feeding some ducks. Manolo is famed for his epic remix parts from over the years but this remix will have you chuckling.

Dime's 'Pretentious Self-Fellatio in New York' (not the only Magenta piss-take) makes no bones or allusions about their piss-take of Magenta's 'Panic in Gotham' NY tour video. I personally really like the Magenta video, but Dime gets to the nitty gritty of crusty back streets in Brooklyn and Williamsburg, skitching on trucks and spitting at stuff. Also an attack on what may be now typical street videos in NY, the camo's and cigs set it off. It may be a piss-take but I bet the dude had fun filming it.

This one is pretty basic but still really funny. Simply titled 'Brent Atchley', you can be certain this isn't the man himself. From the ways his half pulled down his trousers, to the on point emulation of Brent's lazy approach to skating and 360 flips, this guy could maybe get as good as Brent if he tried.

From the heads at weekendtage comes this hilarious clip called 'Raymond MoliGNAR - Dragon D Energy Drink'. They address the questionable involvement of energy drinks within the skate industry with great gusto, D-movie grade acting and special effects. Raymond Molinar, Austyn Gillette and Johan Stuckey all feature in this fictional blend of Monster and Red Dragon. Molinar signs a contract to become 'MoliGNAR' and away he goes grinding the biggest spots around. Watch this one it's brilliant.

And we end on 'Jesse Miller's Pre-Scuffed Skateboards' from comic Andre Hyland. Accurately depicting the many 'posers' that have decided to pick up a skateboard and then not skate on it - preferring to sit on or mall-grab it - this funny clip will make you glad you scuff your own plank.