Dalton Dern Street 540 a Skateboarding video by kingpin

It is hardly news that street skating as we know it exists as a result of the parks closing in the early 80’s and people being forced to use what they had left for inspiration. Many of the basic ledge tricks and grabs were taken from what people did on and above the lips of pools and halfpipes of yesteryear. However, there are several tricks that were left in the vertical realm, ones that you have seldom, if ever seen on the street. Here is a glimpse at some of the best “vert" tricks we have ever seen on “street".

The Losi grind is a mysterious beast. I don’t know if you are in the same boat, but I have only ever done these accidentally. Riley Hawk, must have gotten Allen Losi’s number off his dad as he can seemingly throw them down on anything. Don’t know about you but I am pretty happy to see one get done on a hubba. Watch the rest of Riley's section HERE.

If there is a rarer beast than the Losi it is the Sugarcane. This sick puppy was first done on vert by Chris Miller and Buster Halterman. Last year though we saw young Youness take it to a proper street rail. I remember Lewis Marnell (RIP) raving about Youness’ potential when he first saw him skate and he was certainly on point.   

Watch the rest of Youness' part HERE.

I personally always wondered if this trick would ever be done on a rail. Turns out The Phelper was thinking the same thing. He suggested it be done on a KOTR five years back. Of course magic man Cory K was the man to step to the task, as he is capable of absolutely anything. Watch the rest of this episode of KOTR HERE.

OK so this is probably the closest thing in this article to vert, but it is Grant Taylor so I doubt if anyone has a problem with him being included. Just when you think Grant can’t get any better he progresses to the next level of immortal status. Here he is grabbing some tail and grinding some nasal on a Spanish NQP* from heaven. (NQP = Natural Quarter Pipe)

Watch the rest of GT's part HERE.

Luis Tolentino – Harold Hunter Day VIII – 360 Lein a Other video by kingpin

The 360 lien was a notoriously difficult move pioneered by the likes of Lance Mountain. The long lens instagram angle of this actually shows how high he popped this but this fisheye version demonstrates a proper 360 lien taken down a double set monster by Luis Tolentino on Harold Hunter Day last year.

Sure this wasn’t the first method on the streets as they were getting flapped out off of jump ramps all over the shop during the 80’s. It was however this rendition of the method (complete with an ollie entry) would have stoked out even the most hardcore Christian Hosoi fans.

Watch the rest of H- Street “Hokus Pokus" HERE.

Jezza nearly made this list twice, once for this epic fastplant that is still inspiring cats to this very day (see Greco) but also for a nosepicker in the same part. He wasn’t young at this point in time, but he still went for it. Considering the drop he takes, this is pretty fluid. We absorbed Jeremy, well absorbed indeed.

Watch the rest of Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirtchart's part in “The End" HERE.

Chewy in the is one of the best street skaters you will ever see. I mean it takes a really spontaneous best to stoke out the Gonz. I remember when I first saw this tailblock slide I pressed rewind at least five times. Chewy if you are reading this my friend, I am currently craving a tailgrab noseblock slide.  

Watch Chewy's Diagonal part in full HERE.

Ben Raybourn is such an utter gem. I feel he has put out more parts in the last five years than most top pros do in a lifetime. There were many runners up for this “getting inverted on the streets" title but the sheer drop on the other side of this put him in the forefront.

Mumford is a true great. Anyone who has witnessed him shred will agree. He has a proper style on any terrain you can pick. Sure, this spot is an utter gem but how Matt didn’t slip on this nosepick is beyond me. More recently he went back and did an invert on it!

Watch the rest of Matt's Slave part HERE