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Every now and then, landing a trick feels so great that the skater simply can't resist milking the rollaway for all it's worth - basking in the glory, striking a pose and performing an optional encore of pure physical celebration. I'm talking of course about the phenomonen of the 'Afterbang'. From place to place there must be many different names for this timeless and often hilarious manouvre - apparently known as 'Afterschool Modelling' in London. The afterbang comes in many forms, but regardless of what you want to call it, I'm sure we can all agree that a heavy 'bang' can be as memorable as the trick itself, and provide literally MINUTES of entertainment. Here are some great examples of the Afterbang.

I credit Smolik with basically pioneering the modern afterbang. In this part you can literally take your pick of some extremely heavy bangs- but in the end I've gone for this frontside flip. Extra points for the textbook Swanny. Smolik can bang all he likes though because he's a G and normally knows that he's rolling away from something incredible, and generally looks like he's having a great time.

Forrest Edwards has actually developed a signature afterbang. It involves grabbing a tuck-knee indy as soon after impact as possible. Witness it's full glory after his 360 flip 5.0 at Clipper.

Let's get something straight : this guy is straight up incredible. He definitely isn't guilty of afterbangs anymore, but it seems like he went through a phase of adding this 'weak at the knees' thing to his roll-aways when he was finding his sound a few years ago. This one after the switch nosebonk is pretty strange.

You can't have a conversation about afterbangs without Dylan Rieder's name cropping up. This one stands out as Dylan seems to instinctively remember to add this trademark pose when he realises that he is riding away from this incredible b/s tailslide, kickflip to forwards.

Ronson is another guy who has developed his own signature bang. I like to think of him as 'row-the-boat-Ronson' - as he often develops a similar stance to a person holding onto the oars of a rowing boat once his manouevre is complete.

I'm gonna sneak this in as an afterbang, but in all honesty it would have sat equally well in the recent 'self cheering' article. I just want to share it in case you've somehow missed this triumphant celebration of the human spirit. Harper takes his unearthly pop to this gnarly switch flip over a pretty deep barrier-to-bank set up - and his evident relief at realising he's succeeded leads to one of the greatest post-trick celebrations of all time.

Wade is incredible, and his bangs are so legendary I find myself feeling robbed if he DOESN'T add one. His ginormous clothes allow him to create the illusion of seemingly melting towards the ground, and his jaw always drops without fail, like a sort of self-satisfied goldfish. I hope he keeps this up. If I'd just switch pop shuv'd a sofa, I'd probably lay it on pretty thick too.

Here's an obscure one for you. After this lengthy blunt fakie, the bang is equivalent to someone dropping an ice cube down the back of Ryan's neck. Props to Big Red for finding this one.

Could this be the afterbang to end all afterbangs? This nut grab is one hell of a way to celebrate the best line ever.

Mike York hits hard with good vibes and party time afterbangs. He doesn't take himself seriously and isn't afraid to jeopardise the solemnity of a powerful move by throwing a little joke in at the end. There were a few good ones to pick from but this one at Pier 7 swung it for me.

We all know the quote 'getting fucked up tonight' - but not enough credit is given to Ellington for the extremely original junky waltz he throws in as he dismounts from his board after his back bigspin at Carlsbad. Absolute classic.

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Grove doesn't afterbang - he throws goddamn AFTERPARTYs !  These two from the filming of Mark Kendrick's Manchester DVD really tickled me - I don't even understand why Ben chose to backside flip of the bombdrop in the first place, but I love the fact that he throws his board at the wall and screams his catchphrase 'NBD' at the top of his lungs. Ben is hyped!